Word separators and selection

Dan Rogers 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2
I've been noticing an issue with alt-arrow movement and also with double-click drag selection.

Even though the quote character and the whitespace character are both defined in the "word_separators" preference, these characters are not used during selection (or movement) to separate words properly.

Below you will see an animated gif which illustrates a word selection passing over the quote marks and selecting too much text:

I think in the ideal solution, spaces and quotes should be treated as their own words during this selection mode. This is how native cocoa textfields (eg- TextEdit) work on OSX, and in general it feels more intuitive to be safe during word selection rather than overzealous. After all, it is easier to keep selecting over these characters instead of having to go back and manually adjust the selection after a big jump.

Enable code completions to be stored with project rather than centrally

Brian Gilbert 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Would it be possible for us to store project specific code completions with the project file or perhaps in a [project]/.sublime2 directory?

Asynchronous file saving

Nox10 6 years ago 0
I'm usually working on files connected by SFTP or SMB. The delay that my OS takes to save the files may vary alot. I would love to still work on my files, or other files at that, while Sublime Text 2 is currently writing to the network or filesystem.
Currently all Sublime Text 2 windows are freezing. 
Thanks alot

Allow user to specify line-ending type

Nicholas Boll 6 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 6 years ago 1
TextMate allows you to specify line-endings. If you do SaveAs, Line Endings is an option. Classic Mac is CR, Windows is CRLF and Unix is LF. It is often useful to change line-endings of legacy files or to set up line-endings for picky servers.

Why does Windows Install require Administrator privileges?

Anthony Whitford 5 years ago 0

I'd like to test-drive Sublime, but am unable to install it because it requires Administrator privileges, which I do not have -- only Power User...

Are Administrator privileges truly necessary?


'Open with...' from the sidebar

Zander Martineau 7 years ago • updated by Zander Martineau 6 years ago 1

Textmate, Coda etc all have a very useful option to open the currently right-clicked file in another app. This would be really useful to me because I edit CSS in another app & currently have been using the Finder to open the files. If I could do that from within Sublime it would be brilliant.


Add a history of editions spots

-2724 7 years ago • updated by Dean Herbert 7 years ago 4
Everytime you click somewhere, your history save the file and the line. then you can go backward and forward, just like in a Web browser.

It's very handy since you do a lot of back and forth while editing code, and you don't have to 'remember' to set a bookmark.

it's hard to do since you have to decide what to do in cases such as file and lines deletion.

Faster Startup / Close = Hide

Kevin Kleinfelter 6 years ago • updated by Halil Özgür 5 years ago 4
I'd like to see an option which would put SublimeText 2 into a hidden but ready to launch mode when closing it (on Windows).  It takes several seconds to start, so it would be nice if 'closing' the app could hide it (perhaps to the tray) to speed startup.

Minimap colors should be configurable

John Bitme 6 years ago 0
The minimap colors should be part of the color scheme... on a white background, the current dark highlight is very intrusive.
Personally, I would prefer being able to set a color overlay for the non-visible portion, rather than the visible portion, but either way, it should be configurable like minimapBorder is.

Document history tree feature like in E-TextEditor with Visual history navigation.

Patrick Thurmond 6 years ago • updated by Eric West 6 years ago 4
I would like to see a document history tree feature like the one used in E-TextEditor. It allows for an undo history with a visual tree you can navigate through including branches. Add this with a diff feature to compare them and that would rock.

If you look at the link I include below you will see that it has a visual panel that comes up and lets you click on the different changes and branches and see what you had where. This allows the user to easily pluck deleted code from the history and add it back in without all that undoing and saving a bunch of other snippets into open blank document windows that you might have to do now.

Also, being able to use a diff tool on this would be even better so that you can see the differences between two different points in history or between the current version and a different point in history.

Ref: http://e-texteditor.com/blog/2006/making-undo-usable

Preview .tm Themes

Sandeep Surya 7 years ago 0
I had to click on preferences->color scheme->theme and the menu closes as soon as we select a theme.
A preview, while moving my mouse , or up-down keys on the menu items would be very helpful for those who would like to play  around with themes like me..

Pin single files to project

Torsten Liebig 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I'm working in a WordPress directory structure. For a project (usually a theme), the main elements I'm working with are one or two folders within the directory structure plus two separate files.

I'd like to be able to set up the project so that the two folders are pinned to the project sidebar and the two files as well - right now, when adding a file to the sidebar, the file gets openend instantly and is not pinned. Is there a way to do that?


Henri Morlaye 6 years ago • updated by Daniel Demmel 5 years ago 12
Edit files on server through a reverse SSH connection like rmate in Textmate 2

Add new sublime.window method: open_project

Kim Blomqvist 5 years ago 0

There is window.open_file() that can be used for opening .sublime-project files. However, it opens the file to a new tab for editing. The suggested window.open_project() would work differently. Instead of opening the file to the tab, it would act similarly if Project - Open Project... had selected from the toolbar.


class FooCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):

    def run(self, *args, **kwargs):



Fixed position for open files block in sidebar

Stijn De Meyere 6 years ago • updated by Bill Dami 6 years ago 2
When you have a long folder tree in the sidebar and you start scrolling down, the "Open Files" bock disappears. It would be nice if this block had a fixed position, as in Espresso on mac, where the tree scrolls under the "Open Files" or Workspace.

This way, people who don't use tabs can still have a quick overview of the currently open files. 

standard file browser in sidebar

Shawn McElroy 6 years ago • updated by Marion Go 9 months ago 3
I suppose the closest to this is like a standard file explorer in the left sidebar. to have it open the main drive or some directory, where you can navigate the file system. This is the normal activity in coda, and would be like the sidebar in windows explorer file manager. 

It would be cool to have this as a togglable option in the View menu. So the current ability to show the projects would still be there. When using the file manager you could possibly right click a directory and select "Add as Project" which would then bookmark the directory into the projects area.

Syntax color wizard (like Textmate), but better

Luke Scott 7 years ago • updated by Tomas Sandven 6 years ago 1
Would be nice if Sublime had a theme editor similar to TextMate's "Fonts & Colors" in Preferences.

TextMate's was a bit messy because these colors were global. You had to add names (classes?) globally in Preferences. It would be nice if you could specify which names were colored in the language and what the default color is. Then when you view this "wizard" it shows you the options based on the current language (TextMate mixes functions with Markup). From there you could customize a color scheme for a language, or globally (for those that share names).

Support for .less http://lesscss.org

reflux-entertainment 6 years ago 0

Multiple cursors across multiple files (columns & rows of layout)

Asher Max Schweigart 4 years ago 0
It would be handy to be able to place multiple cursors in different columns and rows of a layout view at the same time (so you could edit multiple files at once).

Hope sublimetext2 can support simplified Chinese.

玉波 宁 7 years ago 0

I love sublimetext2, but I use ubuntu os , Hope sublimetext2 can support simplified Chinese.  我很喜欢sublimetext2,我使用的是ubuntu系统,希望sublimetext2可以支持简体中文。