PyQt Applications doesn't show up after "build" (Ctrl+B)

Leszek Tarkowski 8 years ago updated by Michael Taylor 4 years ago 3
What's going on: After F7 or crrl+b i have message in ST2 "Running python -u C:\Users\X220\Desktop\myprogram.py". Nothing else. In Task Manager I can see new python.exe process. After kill ST2 displays familiar [Finised] message.
Program is not responding after sys.exit(app.exec_()).   

What is supposed to happened: myprogram.py is using pyqt, and should display window etc.

CLI python programs (print statement) are working normally.

EDIT: Solution:
"shell": "true"
to python.sublime-build

Same problem here. 

Any suggestion? I don't want to abandon ST!

how do i add that "shell": "true" to the python.sublime-build file, help please!

Hi Sergio - what operating system?

For windows the path is %APPDATA%\Roadming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\Python\

Hope this helps!