Saving a new project defaults to an inconvenient initial location for the save dialog

lanzz 13 years ago updated by Manuel Meurer 12 years ago 1
When you create a new project, add a folder (or several) to it, and try to save it, the initial location in the "Save Project As" dialog is some left-over location from a previous "open file" or "save as" action, which is rarely related in any way to a new project. It would be more useful if the initial save location in the dialog is the first folder added to the project, or a common parent folder of all folders in the project perhaps? As it is at the moment, I usually have to climb up from a deep location inside a very-unrelated other project or start from my home and climb down to the project.

OSX 10.6.8, ST2 build 2139
I agree, there should definitely be a better behavior for this. If I open ST in a folder by typing "subl ." and then try to save the opened workspace as a project, it should default to that folder.
Also, the default name should not be "untitled.sublime-project" but have the current folder name (if ST was opened with "subl .") instead of "untitled" IMO.