Fix Ruby incorrect syntax highlighting of 1.9 hash keywords that use a reserved word.

Tony Mann 5 years ago • updated by Jeremy Taylor 4 years ago 3

This post explains the problem well. Hash tags like "end" and "class" in the new 1.9 Hash literal format are hightlighted incorrectly. The post contains a fix that works perfectly, namely to edits the Ruby language file by moving the block of code at lines 201-208 to line 1570.


Better indentation support

Leonardo Santagada 7 years ago • updated by Geoff Gerrietts 5 years ago 3
Sublimetext2 should have better indentation support, for example when you want to format your code following PEP8 for python you see a lot of places where sublime indents wrong and you have to manually align. One such places is aligning multiple arguments of a function call each line should start after the last open ( and not at the same indentation level of the previous line)

Do not display contents of image files in editor

kencoxdesign 7 years ago • updated by Donna Klinton 4 years ago 3
Selecting images which are part of the project currently displays the binary data on screen (after an annoying  pause for larger images). Since this data is meaningless to a text editor, images should instead be ignored (display nothing in editor).

Make it possible to save a file I don't have the rights to by letting me enter the admin-password.

Holgerh 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 1
On OS X I have some files I can only read but not write with the currently logged in user. When I try to save the file, the system should give me the opportunity to enter the admin-password and enable me to save the file.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Added in 2165

Allow view.replace to not add to the undo stack

John Doe 5 years ago 0

The API command view.replace always adds to the undo stack. However, it is useful for certain plugins to do a replace without actually adding to the undo stack. This will primarily be useful for collaborative editing plugins, where usually the other person's changes need to be replicated in your view, but each person keeps a separate undo stack (like in Google Docs).


Allow tabs to be placed at the bottom

Heracles Papatheodorou 5 years ago • updated by Fabien LEGE - Agence ho5 5 months ago 3

It would be great if there was an option for file tabs to be placed at the bottom (or perhaps left / right too) of the window. The current paradigm of browsers prefers tabs on the top, but if your taskbar is at the bottom, it makes more sense for them to be closer to it. Opera has allowed such functionality for eons.

Congrats on your otherwise great product; I love the code "bird's eye"!


completions from other files

David Alexander 7 years ago • updated by ibbles 6 years ago 5
It would be nice if ST2 would support completions found in other files. Right now it seems like it only uses words in the current file as potential completions.

Emacs does this out-of-the-box with M-/, and it's one of those features that you become unable to live without.

project-wide completion

EricS 7 years ago • updated by pospi ` 7 years ago 7
What about project-wide completion for the verbose language or framework like Zend Framework.

"Use Selection for Find" should use global register instead of per-window.

Dan Rogers 6 years ago • updated by Ricci Adams 6 years ago 4
In almost all other editors on OSX, the Command+E shortcut will place the selected text into a system-wide register so that the selection can be used as the search string in other apps + windows. 

Use case example: Select some text in Safari, hit Cmd+E, then switch to a file in TextEdit (or TextMate, MacVim, Xcode) and hit Cmd+G to find the string from the global register. This string would also populate the search field in the Cmd+F dialog box.

Question: This seems to be an intentional behavior to isolate the find strings between separate windows in ST2. Can we have a setting to allow Command+E to use the global clipboard/register instead?

Support for Assembly Language

Matt Whitlow 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Support and syntax highlighting for assembly language for use on microcontrollers

Insert Tab vs. Paste Tab

Zach Riggle 7 years ago • updated by Кирилл Улановский 5 years ago 1

If indentation settings are "indent using spaces", then auto-indentation and the TAB key should insert spaces.

When a TAB character ("\t") is pasted from the clipboard, it should remain a tab character. 


Coffee Script syntax highlight/code inteligence support

Henrique Boaventura 6 years ago • updated by Alexey Romancthouк 6 years ago 2
Add suport to Coffee Script suntax highlight and code inteligence

subl with no window open doesn't open the file

Mark Fowler 6 years ago • updated by Tom B 4 years ago 5
Passing a filename to the "subl" command line tool when no Sublime Text 2 window is open causes a new window to open with "Untitled" to appear, but the filename isn't opened. 

HTML snippets no longer work

Falcon NL 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 4
Problem: It appears as though the only HTML snippets that still work in ST2 are script_tag and style_tag, since they have an explicit tabTrigger. All others, like html and elementid don't work anymore, despite the fact that as far as I can tell the snippets themselves are unaltered from those in ST1.

Steps to reproduce: Create a blank .html document. Type html and press tab. This produces the word html followed by four spaces (or a tab, depending on your settings) rather than the expected document skeleton.

Forum topic: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1554
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
Build 2032 has HTML completions

Replace selected quote character with other type of quote character

-7183 6 years ago • updated by Adomas Sliužinskas 6 years ago 2
When attempting to change one type of quote character (e.g. single quote) with anoter quote character (e.g. double quote) by selecting it and typing the new quote character, Sublime double-quotes the single quote instead.

This behavior is desirable for all other types of selections, but gets in the way when you just want to change the quote type.

Arabic Language

omar berrayti 6 years ago 0
Sublime Text 2 ,I think it is the best editor for every developper,

but for me and for the ohers arabic's programmer there is a probelem : the letters are not attached, 

Thank You

Hide horizontal scrollbar when map is displayed

Tomas Sardyha 7 years ago • updated by hced 5 years ago 8
As the map is doing the same thing, it is useless to have the scrollbar there as well.

Menu items to be selectable from the keyboard

Karl Bowden 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 3
Ie. alt+f (&File) > s (&Save)
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
Added in 20110203

File encoding in save as option

Camilo Nova 7 years ago • updated by robertcollier4 5 years ago 2
Should be great if the user can select the encoding of the file in the save us dialog

SVN integration

Thomas Olejarz 7 years ago 0
I will be a very nice feature to include SVN integration in Sublim Text 2. Without any external plugin...