Tab groups

AgileApricot 9 years ago updated by Deepak M 6 years ago 5
Like Firefox's "Tab Groups" feature it would be really useful to have a way of saving a particular set of files and screen layouts for a project.

I often open a certain set of files and change the panel layout when i'm working on one feature but need a different set of files and layout for another feature. It would be great to be able to save these layout groups and flick between them like projects.
Cmd+Shift+N creates a new window. Use it.
But once if we restart computer, only one window will open up. Then remain will be gone. In that criteria, grouping concept is needed.

 However much I agree with Dimitrii, I have got to say it would be very useful to have tab groups or some method of separating tabs within ST2.


Creating a new window is far inferior to tab groups, in my opinion. For one thing, the tabs cannot be recovered once the window is closed, for another, it clutters up the desktop quit a bit. Finally, it opens all documents at once, rather than only those which the user requires.


I think the "Project" feature of ST2 has pretty much the same concept as Firefox's "Tab Groups". The main difference is that you need to save projects to make use of their benefits. That's two files which are generated and updated automatically, you just need to save them somewhere once. Click on "Save Project As..." to create a project from the currently open tabs. I created a new folder where I store all of those silly files. Afterwards you can click on "Switch Projects in Window... (Ctrl+Alt+P)" to switch to a different project. Essentially it's a poor man's tab groups page. Once you have projects there is no problem with using multiple windows anymore. You can close windows without closing their open tabs because the tabs stay open in the project.