Please add printing features!

ryan gurnick 6 years ago • updated by rsp 2 years ago 2

It would be really nice if you where able to print your code.


Support Thai Language

Woratana Perth 6 years ago • updated by Alongkot Karpchai 7 months ago 4
Thai language doesn't show correctly in Sublime Text. But in other text editor such as Notepad++ it show correctly.

RTL language support in sublime text 3

Saeed Alipoor 2 years ago 0


Display syntax selectors with unicode characters (aka Vim's conceal)

Iván -DrSlump- Montes 6 years ago • updated by Doug Avery 5 years ago 2

In Vim 7.3 they added a really nice feature allowing to display some syntax regions (selectors) as configurable unicode characters. It makes much easier to read some languages, like the following example for Javascript where "function" has been replaced by "𝑓", "this." by "@" and "return" by "" .

With the recent inclusion of code folding, which allows for "inline" folds, I think the editor is ready to implement this feature without much effort. 

I've tried to implement a plugin for this but I'm lacking one API function, which could work just like View.fold but allowing to set a custom character and syntax selector for its display, instead of the currently hardcoded fold icon.


Improve discoverability of Sublime's functionality

Joel Thornton 7 years ago • updated by Jean-Denis Vauguet 7 years ago 2
Sublime Text (both 1 and 2) are packed with great functionality, and packages add much more. However, it often takes a web search to find out about some of Sublime's more obscure features.

Improve the discoverability of Sublime's manifold functionality. Some ideas:

* Optional tips-on-startup dialog (with "don't show next time" checkbox); especially useful for new users of the demo version

* Add a mechanism like `apropos` to search for commands/keybinds that may do what you want. Having a short plain-English description with each command would improve search discoverability. Descriptions would need to be associateable with both commands and specific keybinds. Add a help menu item labeled "I want to..." to open the apropos prompt.

* Add a mechanism for the user to get context-sensitive help for any keyboard command or menu item. Wire it up to a wiki to let the community help build up these docs.

* Add a help menu item "Keyboard shortcuts" which generates a human readable list of the current keybindings in a new buffer. This list could sort the binds by keystroke and include the short `apropos` description for each keybind.

* Require installed packages to provide apropos-style descriptions of all their commands and key bindings.

* Allow package creators to include a help file with their package. Make these help files accessible through a new help menu item "Package Help >".

Override plugin settings per-project via .sublime-project.

Xavura 6 years ago • updated by Jonathan Cook 5 years ago 9

I'm aware that .sublime-project files can contain settings but it doesn't appear I can do what I want with them.

Some plugins require per-project settings, at present as far as I can tell this is not possible without resorting to creating and using your own settings file somewhere inside the project path.
It would be very nice if two things could happen:
  1. For settings within the .sublime-project file to overwrite settings from a plugin's settings file, when applicable.
  2. For the API to provide a way to obtain these project-specific settings, which also seems to be impossible at present. Bare in mind that the .sublime-project file may not necessarily be stored within the project path and so we can't just manually walk the project path to search for it.

Do not copy an empty string to the clipboard when Ctrl-C is pressed and nothing is selected.

Teddy Knox 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Pretty self explanitory

copy with syntax colors/as styled text/as rtf

Mark Magnus 6 years ago • updated by Yoomin Wu 4 years ago 1

Keep undo history across sessions, per file

Vincent Voyer 6 years ago • updated by Brian Herold 6 years ago 1
Would that be possible?

So that we keep an undo (ctrl+z) history per file across sessions. So that if I close my editor, re-open, I'll be able to still ctrl+z some changes.

Custom GUI for output panels (html based?)

Giorgio 6 years ago • updated by tsinhi 5 years ago 4
I just started evaluating sublime text – it's beautiful, but one thing is stopping me from deciding to switch to sublime from textmate.

I (quickly!) wrote a PostgreSQL plugin that executes the current paragraph through psql and shows the output in a panel. The output however is text only and there seem to be no way to format it decently... (same goes for quick html preview, markdown preview and similar)

Any chance you're adding support for GUI output panels?
Being able to display an html file (and pass it some js object/variable) would be great and allow for previews and custom GUIs alike....


Syntax highlighting for files without extensions (like Rakefile, Gemfile)

Brad Gessler 7 years ago • updated by Alex Gray 2 years ago 4
I'd love to be able to set syntax highlighting for files that don't have extensions, like Gemfile, etc through the 'View' > 'Syntax' > 'Open all with current extension as...' menu.

Multiple open windows to the same file use the same edit window instance.

Mark Watson 6 years ago • updated by Greg Anderson 6 years ago 2
Currently in the latest dev version of sublime if I have the same file open in multiple windows, edits to the same file are not synchronized across windows. This results in me saving a version in one window and then auto reloading it another will cause me to lose all the changes I made in the other window.

In emacs multiple open panes and views are always editing the same buffer so edits are automatically propagated across the views. It  would be really nice if Sublime text behaved in this way.

Allow dragging files out of the sidebar and into different applications

Oliver Beattie 6 years ago • updated by Marko Novak 6 years ago 1
I use a Mac, and I've come to pretty much expect anywhere I see a file to be able to drag it to different applications. While you have implemented the file icon in the title bar thing, which is brilliant, I can't drag a file from the sidebar into another app.

For instance, if I have a .html page I want to open in my web browser, I find myself naturally dragging it into my Chrome window, only to find it didn't work.

If you could implement this, I'd love you forever.

Side Bar doesn't update on moved files

Rolands Atvars 7 years ago • updated by Roman Vorushin 6 years ago 4
Currently when a file is moved into a project that is opened in sidebar, the containing folder doesn't show that file until I force some other changes in that folder (like create/remove some files).

When file is moved from one folder in project to another folder in project, then file disappears from the previous folder but doesn't show up in the new folder until I force refresh the new folder again.

Usually I move files with terminal either:
 * mv /path/to/file.ext /path/to/new/location/file.ext
 * git mv /path/to/file.ext /path/to/new/location/file.ext

Possible fix would be to change the way folders are monitored for changes or adding a another context menu item 'Refresh' when a folder is right clicked in sidebar.

System I am working on:
 * 32bit Ubuntu Linux 10.04LTS (Lucid Lynx)
 * GNOME v2.30.2
 * Sublime Text 2 v2091 (but the same happened on all previous Sublime Text 2 releases)


Mouse gestures

Nicolay77 7 years ago • updated by Andrzej Makowiecki 6 years ago 1
Like the ones in Opera browser.

Save a copy

Sébastien Le Martelot 6 years ago • updated by Messa 6 years ago 1
A simple "Save a copy" function which save the current file under another name while keeping open the original.

For example :
I'm editing the file "Text1" and I would like to save it to "Text1_backup"  while continuing to edit "Text1".

Default encoding (charset) to save new files

Fernando Carlétti 7 years ago • updated by Sensei Monks 5 years ago 3

Would be nice if the editor could save new files with a predefined charset.

My employer use ISO-8859-1 as default charset and I have to change this everytime I save a new file.


show the differenet version of codes like timemachine.

mactanxin 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by beer.mz 4 years ago 1
It would be cool if sublime can show different versions of code though a timemachine style with svn or git etc. Besides the code overview slidebar you can add a versions list. click the diff version you can hover diffs or split out a new frame to show the old version of this file.
P.S. I'm not a native Englist-speaking ppl.hope you can understand what I trynna to describe : )

Keyboard shortcut to close tag

Matt Powell 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 1
A keyboard shortcut to close the current tag (in HTML/XML mode) would be fantastic. It's one of the things I really miss from TextMate.
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
This was added in build 2111

Support vim's scrolloff

Harald Lapp 7 years ago • updated by Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago 1
Vim has a very nice feature called 'scrolloff' which allows to define a minimal number of lines to keep above and below the cursor when scrolling. It makes it very convenient to work with files where there's already content below the cursor ...