Folder alias in sidebar

oddvalue 9 years ago updated by Vince Doherty 6 years ago 9
This was a feature in projects in v.1 but now in v.2 any folder you add to a project has to display as the name of that folder. I know you added the ability to rename the actual folder but I just want to alias the folder in the project. Is this something that could be added easily?

Cheers =)
This would be a great addition and I hope it doesn't go overlooked. 
Personally, my development setup requires WebDav so I have no control on server names. I'd love to be able to add an alias so that I can name things more conveniently.

Sublime my default lists only the drive letter.

Adding this feature would help to ensure I don't become confused with which server is which (currently I have a post-it note on the side of my screen!)

I have folders inside of a number of project directories that are named 'lib' and I just have to try and remember which is which when I add them to the folder list for my project.  The ability to have an alias of some sort for the folders is something I would find to be a very valuable feature addition.

I really hope there is a chance of getting this implemented.

I'd really appreciate it if you added this feature! Would make my job so much easier.

Each of my projects will generally have a "src" directory, with its dependencies either under "deps" or as separate projects. For convenience, I'll often add other projects' src directories to a given project whilst working on them. The only way I can work like this and have sane names for my directories in the folder list is to use symbolic links and add these to the project, which does work but seems kludgy at best. I'd really appreciate seeing this feature get implemented.


FYI, you can already do this. See http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/sublime-text-2/file_management/file_management.html#project-definitions

Specifying a "name" attribute in the project file will make the folder display this name instead of the detfault.