Python punctuation support in syntax coloring

Łukasz Langa 5 years ago 0
Sublime Text 2 is using TextMate color schemes. This implementation has a bunch of drawbacks WRT Python support. I found three problems with punctuation described by the screenshot below:

Python syntax punctuation problems

Larger version of the screenshot available here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4830253/sublimetext_python_syntax.png

TextMate behaves the same in all cases. If compatibility is more important than solving the problem, so be it. However, I would suggest solving those problems by:

1. supporting punctuation.separator.parameters.python for function calls and punctuation.separator.tuple.python/punctuation.separator.set.python for the respective data structures
2. adding punctuation.section.block.begin.python analogical to punctuation.section.class.begin.python
3. identifying asterisks in function definitions as keyword.operator.arithmetic.python OR adding keyword.operator.unpacking.python

Handle keybinding shortcut conflicts with a popup command window

Grant 6 years ago 0
This is a repost from PrideChung in the forums under the topic suggestion about handling shortcut conflict .
I'm trust most of us encountered shortcut conflict while using sublime because there is so many great plugins and we want to try all of them.
Sometimes I installed several new plugins and found out one of the original keyboard shortcut was no longer available. This will always drive me crazy cause I'm the so-called "shortcut geek". I will have to stop my work, browse the Sublime packages directory,check all the key-map files, find out which plugin caused conflict, assign another shortcut , then back to work.

Maybe there is a better way to deal with this situation, when Editor encounter shortcut conflicts, could it just popup a command panel, show all the possible key-maps so I can use up and down arrows to chose one of them, and I could change the key-map latter. I recently found out aptana studio handle shortcut conflicts just like the way I said. I tried it for a little while and feels pretty good. Hope this idea will make Sublime better.

A Sublime Lover.

Native OSX Spell Checking

h1ro 6 years ago • updated by Craig Russo 5 years ago 1
Making a multi platform application feel native is always a difficult task and I appreciate all the effort that has gone on in that direction so far. One thing that really sticks out on OSX is the lack of integration with the native spell check.

I would love for integration with the system wide OSX spell checking API.

Multiple projects in a single window

Joel Thornton 5 years ago 0

I would love to see support for multiple projects in a single window.

Personally I find the one-project-per-window approach difficult to use. Especially when I am working on two related projects, having access to multiple projects' files in one consolidated list would be very helpful.

How I imagine this working is splitting the sidebar up into collapsible top-level project groups:

Foo Project 1
        (Foo Project 1's open files list)
        (Foo Project 1's folders)

Foo Project 2
        (Foo Project 2's open files list)
        (Foo Project 2's folders)

Clicking on an open file or folder would switch the tabs shown in the current window to the corresponding project's open tabs.

With drag and drop support in the sidebar it would be easy to move open tabs and files between projects. 

This method could also help with ST2's problem of adding random unrelated/one-off files to the project that happens to be open/focused. By optionally having a 'Loose Files' project in the sidebar, opened files that are outside of any open project's folder scope could be automatically (or manually) put there without opening another ST2 window.

Allowing both multiple windows and multiple projects per window (and remembering these between sessions) could work well for certain styles of workflow as well. Some 'search in all this window's projects' function akin to (or replacing) Ctrl+P would also be dandy.


Find Usage

Bruce Pieterse 6 years ago 0
Please could you add support to find functions currently being used through out the project. This should be implemented in the context menu so that when I bring it up on the function name and select "Find Usage", it will scan the entire project or folder and return a list of file names along with the line number on which the current function is being used. I'm not sure where this list will be displayed, perhaps we can reuse the Find Results page as it already has the functionality to display the path and a snippet of the code with the function highlighted already.


PL/SQL Autocomplete & Examples

mike bannen 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Would love to have autocomplete for plsql commands and to show examples (maybe in a pop-up, activated by highlighting a command and pressing some key combo).
Could integrate with a site that already has this info. Also, being able to set the version (e.g., Oracle 11gR2) would be really sweet. Having this integrated into an editor rather than having to refer to *gulp* books, or online resources we be...sublime.

GUI for settings

Werchter 7 years ago • updated by Alexander Momchilov 2 years ago 2
Settings screen as alternative to manually editing settings file

Reveal current file in side bar

Song Du 7 years ago • updated 6 years ago 3
this will be useful when there's many files/folders in the side bar

tag navigator (like Espresso or Coda)

Ian Russell 6 years ago • updated by Huw Thomas 5 years ago 3
The code navigator on right so far is not very useful to me, but I REALLY miss the tag 'tree' quick navigator that Espresso has. It's an excellent feature, and enables me to navigate complex HTML files very easily. Coda has one as well, although it's less useful.

I've only been using Sublime Text for a few hours, so I may have missed this essential feature somehow!


Only cleanup whitespace for modified lines

codex 7 years ago • updated by Will Schmid 5 years ago 4
In commercial software development, it is desirable to minimize the number of unrelated changes to a file.  For this reason, it would be nice if ST2 only stripped trailing whitespace (or performed any kind of whitespace cleanup) on regions of the file that have been modified, ideally as measured against the copy as stored in one's revision control system.  Eclipse does this.

Generate a sequence of numbers; increment replace

Chris Casey 6 years ago • updated by Dhirendra Jaiswar 10 months ago 8
This is a regex feature that seems to be unique to TexPad on Windows. From their help files:

Expression: Effect: 
\i Replace with numbers starting from 1, incrementing by 1. 
\i(10) Replace with numbers starting from 10, incrementing by 1. 
\i(0,10) Replace with numbers starting from 0, incrementing by 10. 
\i(100,-10) Replace with numbers starting from 100, decrementing by -10. 

To insert line numbers at the start of each line: 
Search for:^ 
Replace with:\i 
To update sequence numbers of the form Axxx, Bxxx, … ,Zxxx where "xxx" is any number >= 100, independent of the letters, which are to be preserved: 
Search for:\([A-Z]\)[1-9][0-9][0-9]+ 
Replace with:\1\i(100) 

That would be seriously cool. We're looking at migrating from TextPad to Sublime, and would love to retain this feature.

Using "undo", after find and replace in multiple files, should undo in ALL files.

Murray Nuttall 6 years ago • updated by Didi 12 months ago 1
If I do a find and replace across multiple files in a directory or selection and want to undo, ctrl+z, should undo the change in ALL files.

Otherwise I have to close all files and start again.

close tabs to the left

Darren Dub 6 years ago • updated by Manoj Mishra 2 years ago 6
If you right click on the tab you are given the option to close tabs to the right. I find myself always needing the opposite.

New files add tabs to the right. So the tabs on the left I haven't used as recently. I usually want to clean up the clutter by closing all the files I haven't used in a while which would be all tabs to the left.

Drag and drop tabs or files to create the split pane layouts

Agile Apricot 7 years ago • updated by Dan K 6 years ago 3
It would be great if we could drag and drop tabs at the window edges and have them create the pane layouts. Like the adobe suite apps have. A blue highlight could show at the edge you're about to drop it on. And you could just drag the tabs back to one layout to remove them.

Add option to override project names

Danijar Hafner 4 years ago 0
It is not a big thing, but it would be nice to add a [name] option to project configurations, that overrides the project name displayed in title bar and project switcher. So you could name project configurations just [project.sublime-project], there mostly is only one project file in one directory anyway.

Multiple rows of tabs

chaiguy 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2
There needs to be some way of handling many open tabs, such as wrapping them to another line.

Show path of open files in sidebar

Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago • updated by rhuk 7 years ago 2
I think, this was mentioned before somewhere but couldn't find it anymore.
I work with many open files at once which have the same name and are only differentiated by their path. So the list of open files result in being 5x product.py, complete.py etc..
It would be nice to see the end of the path within the empty space either on the left or on the right side of the filename.

For example on the left:

For example on the right:
product.py - …api/input/collector/
product.py - …ox/restapi/abstract/

The path should be shown in a lighter/transparent color so that the filename is prominent.

PS I prefer the variant on the right.

Color picker

peaks 7 years ago • updated by Yury Plashenkov 5 years ago 3
A color picker with with the option to insert hex or rgb color codes would be neat.

Workspace / Project API

guillermooo 7 years ago • updated by glyph 6 years ago 3
An API to control the projects would probably solve the shortcomings of the sidebar.

Virtual Space / Freehanded editing

bradbenvenuti 6 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 6 years ago 1
Visual studio calls it virtual space and Textmate calls it freehanded editing. I won't be able to switch to sublime text until this feature is available. It allows you to make multi-line edits past the end of a line.