Handle keybinding shortcut conflicts with a popup command window

Grant 8 years ago 0
This is a repost from PrideChung in the forums under the topic suggestion about handling shortcut conflict .
I'm trust most of us encountered shortcut conflict while using sublime because there is so many great plugins and we want to try all of them.
Sometimes I installed several new plugins and found out one of the original keyboard shortcut was no longer available. This will always drive me crazy cause I'm the so-called "shortcut geek". I will have to stop my work, browse the Sublime packages directory,check all the key-map files, find out which plugin caused conflict, assign another shortcut , then back to work.

Maybe there is a better way to deal with this situation, when Editor encounter shortcut conflicts, could it just popup a command panel, show all the possible key-maps so I can use up and down arrows to chose one of them, and I could change the key-map latter. I recently found out aptana studio handle shortcut conflicts just like the way I said. I tried it for a little while and feels pretty good. Hope this idea will make Sublime better.

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