Allow dynamic pane splitting instead/besides of pre made layouts

aristidesfl 12 years ago updated by Hai Mac Duy 12 years ago 9
Instead of having a set of predefined layouts to choose from, a more flexible and fundamentally simple way (from the user's point of view) would be to have actions for horizontal and vertical splitting.

This would simplify the split pane mechanics (from a usability perspective), and facilitate a more spontaneous workflow. 

I agree, being able to arbitrarily split buffers vertically/horizontally in half is very powerful. 
There might be some problems with the 'Focus Group' set of shortcuts, but i'd rather lose that set of shortcuts to gain the splitting.
Totally on page with this. It's one of the main VIM features I miss whenever I'm in Sublime. It would be extra awesome if I could open/close splits via vintage comands.
Count me in.. being used to jEdits flexible splitting features the prefab layouts of ST2 feel a bit restraining.

However there's another catch to ST2's way of handling the view/buffer management which feels somewhat tedious: the need to shove buffers from one view to another.. in jEdit any buffer is automatically available in any new split(view) you create.. which is fast and handy. Combined with bufferswitchers (see my topic here) the whole buffer/view managament is both more flexible and faster in everyday usage imho. Dunno about the way VIM does it, but in jEdit you can:
  • split horizontally
  • split vertically
  • unsplit current
  • unsplit all
  • restore split
plus of course you can view/edit a buffer in any number of splits.. pretty handy more often than not. ;)

I don't know if sublime creates more than one buffer when showing the same file in different places (implementation details), but all the files are already accessible in every pane using the Goto Everything command.
I think this is really a requirement for an efficient coding workflow - in other editors, I have 1 large editor on the left, with 2 (or more) split vertical editors above each other - having this in Sublime would be brilliant.
I totally agree on this one - simple horizontal & vertical splitting is essential for common editing workflow. This is the only reason preventing me from a full change to Sublime T.
Definitely miss this coming from vim. Please add.
For the record: there's a plugin going that direction.. but unfortunately not quite: https://github.com/spadgos/sublime-SplitScreen#readme

Ability to dynamically split the current view with a mouse would be a great feature. I often need the two views into the same file or simply be able to view two files at the same time quickly, but using current Sublime Text features this turns out to be a little bit tedious and breaks work flow.