Switch between tabs in their displayed order

Danijar Hafner 4 years ago 0
I suggest that switching tabs via [alt] + [tab] works in the order they are placed in the tab bar. This would be the same as in web browsers. Currently, the order seems to depend in which order the tabs were active last. But this feels a bit random and confusing. Please, at least, make this an option.

highlight the current code block

Vali Cobelea 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by jan otte 5 years ago 1
highlight the current code block, change the background or add some tags in the line number area so the current area code (and here i think about C/CPP/JAVA....) is somehow highlighted.  thanks

hi please add RTL (right to left) languages support to sublime text

Samer Taha 2 years ago 0

hi please add RTL (right to left) languages support to sublime text , RTL languages like arabic and hebrew and maybe other languages , sublime text should detect the current language changed in the OS like windows 7 and give support for it ...


Implement minimap "clickToScroll" option to allow jumping to text rather than position

Josh Bjornson 7 years ago • updated by adzenith 6 years ago 4
Jon added a clickToScroll" option in ST1 to change how clicking on the minimap worked. Please bring this option to ST2.

"[W]hat happens when clicking outside the view rectangle can now be configured. By default, it does nothing. To change this, edit the file type options and set 'clickToScroll' to either 'position' (the old behaviour), or 'text', to scroll the view to the clicked on text."

From forum discussion:

Moving text with mouse not working

aahlborg 7 years ago • updated by RickyS 5 years ago 4
When selecting a text block, one is usually able to move the block by holding down the mouse button and dragging. But in build 2059 the selection is removed and the cursor is moved to the position where the mouse clicked, just as if the user released the button before dragging.

Selecting text doesn't update the X selection buffer (Linux)

Jamie Webb 7 years ago • updated by bjunix 6 years ago 14
Means I can't e.g. middle-click paste into an xterm.

The clipboard is working fine, but many X applications don't use and can't access the clipboard.

Replace button in find panel does not have a keybinding

Kai Grossjohann 6 years ago • updated by Simon vom Eyser 1 year ago 3
Kudos to forum post http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4485 that brought up this problem.

On OSX, in build 2161, the replace button in the find panel (Find / Replace in the menu bar) does not have a keybinding.  If Command+R invoked it, then people could step through matches with Command+G and replace the ones they want with Command+R.

Spell checker to use the OS X dictionary

Alessandro Vernet 6 years ago • updated by kdsl 6 years ago 1
The spell checker functionality is awesome, but it would be even better if it could use the system spell checker, so we don't have to add words to yet another custom spell checker.

Folder alias in sidebar

oddvalue 7 years ago • updated by Vince Doherty 4 years ago 9
This was a feature in projects in v.1 but now in v.2 any folder you add to a project has to display as the name of that folder. I know you added the ability to rename the actual folder but I just want to alias the folder in the project. Is this something that could be added easily?

Cheers =)

Allow plugins to display things in their own gutters

meatmanek 7 years ago • updated by Jean-Denis Vauguet 7 years ago 3
It would be nice if plugins could provide a gutter that is optionally displayed alongside files. An example is information from `git blame`.

BareBones API support on OSX to get Unity 3D working with Sublime

Martin Schultz 6 years ago • updated by Dain Hedgpeth 5 years ago 16


Sublime to android platform

Dmitriy Medved 6 years ago • updated by Robert Schalk 5 years ago 2
It would be very convenient to have such an application in a tablet. Whether it will release an application for Android??  

Move to trash instead of delete

iconv 7 years ago • updated by Keith Hall 7 months ago 5

Deleting is dangerous, it is far more safe to move files to trash. Currently it's possible to miss the file forever even if you just wanted to 'Open Containing Folder'.


WYSIWYG embedded editor and preview

Uoc Nguyen 7 years ago 0
WYSIWYG embedded editor and preview for markup languages like: LaTeX, HTML, MarkDown will be great feature which many people wanted like me :)


Андрей Бовсуновский 7 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by Ola Vikholt 6 years ago 2

Add ability to pin tabs and moving them by keyboard, like in Google Chrome.


Support Python 2.7 in Sublime Text 3

Glyf 5 years ago 0

There are many reasons to stick with a version of Python 2.x.

  • All existing Sublime Text plugins are on Python 2.6; Sublime Text 3 has a different API as well as a different language version.  The recommended policy for 2.x->3.x Python upgrades is to allow for the language upgrade to be made independently of the API upgrade.  This is especially important for proprietary systems that have plugins like Sublime, since most plugins don't have a continuous integration systems (Sublime is hard to automate server-side) and are more likely to have bugs that don't get spotted when doing these big upgrades.
  • Many useful Python libraries (such as Django, Twisted, Flask, South, Paramiko, html5lib, python-ldap, Selenium, Pylons, and so on) only support Python 2.x, and it is super helpful when developing with these libraries to be able to import them directly within Sublime plugins; this is one of the reasons that I personally switched to Sublime.  At least one plugin (SubliminalCollaborator) uses portions of Twisted that haven't been ported yet, and that dependency will take a non-trivial amount of time to upgrade, even if the plugin itself requires no effort.
  • PyPy, a radically faster runtime for Python, still only works with 2.x, so many of these libraries need to maintain Python 2 support for the time being anyway, but Python 3 support has fewer obvious benefits, so they invest less energy in it.
  • Specifically regarding 2.7: jumping from Python 2.6 to 3.x is a big jump; moving from 2.7 to 3.x is a slightly more manageable leap.  If you can't do a version of Sublime Text 3 that supports 2.7, perhaps you could at least do a version of Sublime Text 2 that upgrades from 2.6 to 2.7.

Since plugins in Sublime Text 3 already live in a separate process, perhaps there could be a Python 2.7 plugin process and a Python 3.x plugin process as well, to allow plugins to transition gradually, rather than all at once.

Please consider restoring Python 2.x support to the new version of Sublime Text.


Allow overrides to color schemes

Kirk Strauser 6 years ago • updated by Stuart O'Brien 4 years ago 2

The ability to override color scheme settings ala CSS would be very convenient. I'd like a mechanism for "sub-schemes" that override only portions of the main, "active" color scheme.

For example, very few color schemes support Markdown and I don't like the looks most of those schemes in other syntaxes, like Python. I can fork my own version of schemes I otherwise like and patch in Markdown support, but then I'd have to maintain that fork. I could use the sub-scheme mechanism to create Markdown-specific overrides and add them to my syntax-specific settings like:

        "color_sub_schemes": ["Packages/My Subthemes/Blue Markdown links.subscheme"]

Those sub-schemes would "patch" whatever color scheme I'm currently using - say Monokai - with just a couple of setting overrides.

This could be a big help to people maintaining language support as they could include a couple of subschemes with their packages like "Mylanguage (bright).subscheme" and "Mylanguage (dark).subscheme" so that users could be quickly up-and-running with their usual, familiar color scheme.

This could also be an accessibility win for users who need a particular setting in place across all color schemes, but otherwise enjoy the wide variety of available ST2 schemes. They could add something like:

    "color_sub_schemes": [
        "Packages/Headings/Bold Headings.subscheme",
        "Packages/Headings/Inverse Italics.subscheme"

to their global settings so that they can use the same color schemes we all know and love but with convenient accomodations of their personal needs.


Keep Afloat / SIMBL support

Adam Breen 6 years ago • updated by Matt Groth 1 year ago 4

It would be great if you supported SIMBL accessibility hooks - particularly so that Keep Afloat (http://infinite-labs.net/afloat/) can work with Sublime Text 2.

This would mean that I can have two ST2 windows open, with one floating above, while I type in the one beneath.  This avoids having to change whatever layout I have in the subordinate window, but lets me see code from the other while I type.


Open multiple files at once from "Goto anything..." / CTRL+P

Carlos K. 6 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2
One could multi select (holding down CTRL or SHIFT) entries in the filtered list that pops-up for that action and then all selected entries wou8ld open in new tabs.

Support for Arabic

Ahmed Melege 4 years ago 0
Please add support for RTL langueages in the next version.