highlight the current code block

Vali Cobelea 12 years ago in Plugin announcements updated by jan otte 11 years ago 1
highlight the current code block, change the background or add some tags in the line number area so the current area code (and here i think about C/CPP/JAVA....) is somehow highlighted.  thanks

I am not sure I exactly get your question.

Are you aware of the option to set guide, activeGuide and stackGuide in the colour scheme to achieve highlighting of the indent level, and thereby the block of the line the cursor is on?

That has existed for a good long time.

Are you asking for some functionality different to that?

Or are you not aware of it?

Or are you having trouble setting it up?

We may be able to help you get what you want if you (or anyone voting for this) can clarify the details of what you are looking for.