Implement minimap "clickToScroll" option to allow jumping to text rather than position

Josh Bjornson 13 years ago updated by adzenith 12 years ago 4
Jon added a clickToScroll" option in ST1 to change how clicking on the minimap worked. Please bring this option to ST2.

"[W]hat happens when clicking outside the view rectangle can now be configured. By default, it does nothing. To change this, edit the file type options and set 'clickToScroll' to either 'position' (the old behaviour), or 'text', to scroll the view to the clicked on text."

From forum discussion:
Seconded. I was thinking maybe have click and shift-click have different behavior.

Even though this was posted quite some time ago i would also like to say that this feature would be very welcome at least as an option.  Clicking on the minimap and having it scroll somewhere other than the place I clicked is really unintuitive and frustrating.

Are the ST2 people following these user requests at all?


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