Cross-platform settings and packages sync

Matteo Capobianco 13 years ago updated by Vladimir Starkov 11 years ago 5
I'm currently using Dropbox to sync "Packages" and "Pristine Packages" between Mac OS X and Ubuntu via symlinks, and it seems to be working like a charm.
Of course I'm not syncing the session because it would make no sense.
I sync "Packages" with Dropbox as well. I *do* sync the session since it makes sense for anything inside Dropbox, and for unsaved buffers.
I'm usually bothered by ST2 looking for source files that aren't there, since I don't keep them in Dropbox...
Well, YMMV as usual I guess :P
I would love this as well. I don't want to have to do it through Dropbox though.

I suggested a sync solution with gist.github.com, please upvote it and/or start discuss.  

I have news for you.
I finished plugin which is doing all that sync stuff you described. But for public release I need testers, Do you want to test this plugin?