Plugin to sync with Google docs

domicius 12 years ago updated by Lukáš Mojžíš 12 years ago 2
This is a suggestion/wishlist for a plugin that would allow a simple synchronization with Google docs as it is a nice solution for keeping some of your files in the cloud.

If there are other similar services I'm not aware of and that can already be setup to work seamlessly with SublimeText, please let me know.

I specifically mention Google docs here because I think it's doable with it's current API: it seems you can export documents in Txt format and you can also upload them to Google docs.

Use case #1:
1. open a document from a list of documents in your Google docs account
2. when done editing, save it back to Google docs
No need to make it any more complicated by doing diffs with the two versions of a document - at least at first a single user could use it for editing documents that he or she wants to have access even on the go (Google docs has a mobile site version that works pretty well for that purpose).

Use case #2:
1. open a new document and enter content
2. save your new document directly to your Google docs account

You'd probably just have to keep in mind that you'd be editing only Text documents and not Google docs native format documents.
Sounds like a lot of work to implement for minimal gain. You should look into Dropbox or GitHub BitBucket.

OR you can use Google Drive