Allow dragging files out of the sidebar and into different applications

Oliver Beattie 8 years ago updated by Marko Novak 8 years ago 1
I use a Mac, and I've come to pretty much expect anywhere I see a file to be able to drag it to different applications. While you have implemented the file icon in the title bar thing, which is brilliant, I can't drag a file from the sidebar into another app.

For instance, if I have a .html page I want to open in my web browser, I find myself naturally dragging it into my Chrome window, only to find it didn't work.

If you could implement this, I'd love you forever.
I would need the same functionality because I would like to copy files between the folders and/or projects. My workflow consists of copying files from desktop to projects and it would be great if I could put desktop folder in the sidebar and just drag files to project folders.