Custom GUI for output panels (html based?)

Giorgio 8 years ago updated by tsinhi 7 years ago 4
I just started evaluating sublime text – it's beautiful, but one thing is stopping me from deciding to switch to sublime from textmate.

I (quickly!) wrote a PostgreSQL plugin that executes the current paragraph through psql and shows the output in a panel. The output however is text only and there seem to be no way to format it decently... (same goes for quick html preview, markdown preview and similar)

Any chance you're adding support for GUI output panels?
Being able to display an html file (and pass it some js object/variable) would be great and allow for previews and custom GUIs alike....

Does calling something like 'view.set_syntax_file("Packages/SQL/SQL.tmLanguage")' do what you need? (Not sure what the actual path here would be for PSQL's .tmLanguage file)

If not, one possible solution is to split the window's view into two, like e.g. View->Layout->Rows:2. Then load the second view with your output and use view.set_syntax_file() to give it the syntax highlighting you desire.

You might also like to check out my Print to HTML plugin, which outputs a pretty-formatted version of your code as HTML and opens it in your default browser. It has an option to disable automatically pulling up the browser's Print dialog so you could just look at the result on screen.
The sql highlighting is ok (well, it's good actually) – what I'd like to do is to display results in a non text-only view (eg: formatted as an html table would be ok, as long as I can then use javascript to add sorting, filtering or other behavior)

Opening up a browser could be a workaround of course, but having the results in the same application (even a popup could do) would be waaaay better – think of how often you run a query to test it and then quickly come back to edit it: do you really want to have to alt/cmd+tab to get back to your editor?

I'm having the same issue. I'd like to display HTML output from PHPUnit that updates dynamically as it runs. This was pretty easy in TextMate with an HTML output window.

I'd like this idea. output windows should be have it's own parse regular.