Syntax highlighting for files without extensions (like Rakefile, Gemfile)

Brad Gessler 9 years ago updated by Alex Gray 4 years ago 4
I'd love to be able to set syntax highlighting for files that don't have extensions, like Gemfile, etc through the 'View' > 'Syntax' > 'Open all with current extension as...' menu.
Better yet, have it remember which syntax for the extension whenever you switch with the menu on the lower right of the window
@Erik, The problem is that many files don't have extensions. Files like Gemfile, Vagrantfile, Berksfile are standard named files that have Ruby syntax but no extension. The solution would be to have a way to list some files and specify their extensions. Bonus points if we could use regex in the filename.

You can configure this with the DetectSyntax package. Also take a look at this issue.

Ok, y'all. I hooked you up. Get it while it's hot.. https://github.com/mralexgray/GuessSyntax. Please open issues for any problems you encounter. It's not "perfect".