Document history tree feature like in E-TextEditor with Visual history navigation.

Patrick Thurmond 8 years ago updated by Eric West 8 years ago 4
I would like to see a document history tree feature like the one used in E-TextEditor. It allows for an undo history with a visual tree you can navigate through including branches. Add this with a diff feature to compare them and that would rock.

If you look at the link I include below you will see that it has a visual panel that comes up and lets you click on the different changes and branches and see what you had where. This allows the user to easily pluck deleted code from the history and add it back in without all that undoing and saving a bunch of other snippets into open blank document windows that you might have to do now.

Also, being able to use a diff tool on this would be even better so that you can see the differences between two different points in history or between the current version and a different point in history.

Ref: http://e-texteditor.com/blog/2006/making-undo-usable
I definitely second this one.  The one hold that RubyMine/WebStorm has on me is the beautiful Local History feature.


I do use Git, but the local history is an awesome feature.  Create an "I'm about to jack this up" label in RubyMine's local history and easily pull up a diff from when you knew it was right before any off-the-cuff "I've got an awesome idea" coding.

It's so nice to pull those things back from local history.
I also second this one.  RubyMine's local history has saved me countless times.
I have never seen a visual revision history that allowed you to put in your own labels. I like that idea a lot. You know it is really too bad that e-texteditor has stagnated soo much.

I really wanted to support them and even bought a license. But the dev on it just doesn't seem to want to or be able to put in the time required to continually progress it. Further, it is not cross-platform compatible. So that is a big downer for me as well.

That is why I turned to Sublime though. It covers my needs and then some and it performs really well without getting in my way. Its fast and available in all the OSes I use (I uses the major three Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and Mac). Hopefully they can add this fancy feature. I would write a plugin but my programming skills are web-based. I don't have much in the way of desktop programming skills.
+1 from me. This is one of the few features Sublime Text is sorely missing, and I'm hugely surprised it hasn't been created as a plug-in. Found this while searching for said plug-in, in fact.