Henri Morlaye 12 years ago updated by Daniel Demmel 11 years ago 12
Edit files on server through a reverse SSH connection like rmate in Textmate 2
It's not a "reverse" SSH connection, it's a local port, tunnelled through the SSH connection. Either way, it's an *incredibly* useful feature. :)
Drarok: thanks a lot for your work. Any chance you can post specific instructions on how to install this (client and server)? Thanks.

I'm currently developing a plugin for this: https://github.com/henrikpersson/rsub

It's still kinda buggy, but it works.
Any chance you could throw some rough documentation into the README, Henrik? 
I've forked this and added the ruby and bash versions of rmate as subrepositories, it took me a while to realise there was no client app included in Henrik's repo. Good work, though!
Drarok, yea absolutely! Thank you. I'm not really familiar with Python but it worked out pretty well i guess.

Awesome fork by the way.
I've just pushed up a change that allows files in other paths to be edited (rmate classes/filename.php). :)
There's no need to "install" it on the remote server, you just need to copy one of the rmate files up and run it. There's plenty of detail on the web about how to do that already.
However, I have added some text to the README about installing the Sublime Text part locally. As I only have access to Macs, it's got a decidedly Mac-centric slant, but hopefully people on other platforms can tell me where the files are located on their OSs.

Readme is visible in the GitHub repo: https://github.com/Drarok/rsub
Drarok, about time for a pull request?
@Henrik Persson
I added Drarok repo to sublime package manager under rsub.. so as soon as you merge, probably should update the repository reference in spm
I thought I'd opened a pull req and it had gone unnoticed. Turns out, I forgot to create the request! Created one now with a (hopefully) detailed comment. Sorry.

I wrote a blog post with detailed instructions how to get both local and remote parts working, took me some time to get everything figured out: http://danieldemmel.me/blog/2012/09/02/setting-up-rmate-with-sublime-text-for-remote-file-editing-over-ssh/