Syntax color wizard (like Textmate), but better

Luke Scott 13 years ago updated by Tomas Sandven 12 years ago 1
Would be nice if Sublime had a theme editor similar to TextMate's "Fonts & Colors" in Preferences.

TextMate's was a bit messy because these colors were global. You had to add names (classes?) globally in Preferences. It would be nice if you could specify which names were colored in the language and what the default color is. Then when you view this "wizard" it shows you the options based on the current language (TextMate mixes functions with Markup). From there you could customize a color scheme for a language, or globally (for those that share names).
I completely agree. I'm currently creating a Sublime Text color scheme wizard (which will create tmscheme files) on Google Appengine. I'll post the link here when it's usable