Faster Startup / Close = Hide

Kevin Kleinfelter 8 years ago updated by Halil Özgür 7 years ago 4
I'd like to see an option which would put SublimeText 2 into a hidden but ready to launch mode when closing it (on Windows).  It takes several seconds to start, so it would be nice if 'closing' the app could hide it (perhaps to the tray) to speed startup.
Minimize to tray would be lovely.  Minimize to task bar when I have no files open is clutter.
this would also be great to have an option to have this pre-loaded mode start with the system on say a delayed start so it does not slow down boot. so even the first time you open it, it loads like it was already open.

Slow start is definitely an issue. I'm thinking about replacing default notepad with ST. And the only showstopper is startup slowness. BTW I'm on Windows and "my slow" is a few seconds too.