SVN integration

Thomas Olejarz 7 years ago 0
I will be a very nice feature to include SVN integration in Sublim Text 2. Without any external plugin...

Autohide for sidebars

peaks 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 2
An option to set sidebars to automatically hide after a few sec or can be switched with a little panel would be good.

强烈要求支持中文编码 gbk & gb2312

jason yang 6 years ago • updated by Sean Liang 6 years ago 1
there is very very much coder is chinese, you can not nonsupport gbk & gb2312 encoding.

Add option to close tab by double-clicking it

stijn 6 years ago 0
title says it all. Can be found for example in Opera and NotePad++. Once the option is there, logical next step would be to add one that hides the close button on the tab.

Keep sublime text window on top of other windows

Lynnais 5 years ago • updated by Hyman Cohen 6 months ago 4

An option to keep sublime window on top of other windows and applications, its really annoying how i have to look for sublime window each time, when i have too many application opened (on win7).


New window from Mac dock icon

lkraider+openid 6 years ago • updated by lewen7er9 4 years ago 3
Feature Request:
Add an option on the right-click menu at the Mac dock icon to open a new window.

Many apps on the Mac have some useful commands on the menu that appears when you right-click their icon on the dock, Sublime has none, but an option to open a new window would be really useful, specially when working with mission control spaces and you want a new sublime window on the current space.

Search/Replace progress meter

Daniel Blanchard 7 years ago 0
When editing a large data file with 1000's of lines, I often cannot tell whether doing a search/replace has caused ST2 to lock up or if it's just taking a long time to finish.  Some sort of visible progress meter (much like the file loading one) would be greatly appreciated.

Insert file creation date or current date into snippet

Chris Browne 6 years ago • updated by Kiran Singh Randhawa 2 years ago 1

It would be great if there were a snippet variable for various dates (current date, file creation date, file last-modified date) in order to craft informative file-heading comments that give away some clue as to the age of a file and how often it's updated.


"Convert Indentation To Spaces/Tabs" should be under Edit, not View

Harry Pehkonen 6 years ago • updated by Michael Krueger 6 years ago 4

"View" in the menu should mostly have options for presentation, not for changing the file.

When a newbie like myself wants to convert indentation to spaces or tabs, one would probably look under Edit and Tools.

Thanks very much for the awesome editor!



Make unsaved files more visible in tabs.

Mario Olivio Flores 6 years ago • updated by Dirk Heider 6 years ago 3
I have a hard time noticing which files are unsaved vs saved.  I was wondering if you could make it more obvious when a file has yet to be saved.


Edit multi-file search results in place

Francis Gastellu 6 years ago • updated by Tuncay Demirtepe 4 years ago 3

Currently, the results of a multi-file search end up in a temporary editor. It would be an *extremely* time-saving feature to have the ability to edit the files in-place, inside the search results window. Unfortunately it edits the search result editor's buffer, which can be saved on its own, but that's much less useful.

In fact, when I did my first search and got a whole bunch of results in a seemingly editable file, i thought I was being offered dozens of mini editors, and i was blown away. Then i was very disappoint.


Prompt for delete a file

Alysson Bortoli 7 years ago • updated by Paul Madley 2 years ago 11
Would be nice to move the deleted file to the Trash (Mac) and prompt before delete, some thing like "Are you sure?"
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
As of 2165, deleted files are moved to the trash, rather than deleted, so taking a cue from Finder, a confirmation prompt is unwarranted.

Live PHP syntax checker

Naeem Noor 7 years ago • updated by Alex Dearden 6 years ago 5
a live php syntax checker would be nice, just like in RapidPHP 2010

Tab groups

AgileApricot 6 years ago • updated by Deepak M 4 years ago 5
Like Firefox's "Tab Groups" feature it would be really useful to have a way of saving a particular set of files and screen layouts for a project.

I often open a certain set of files and change the panel layout when i'm working on one feature but need a different set of files and layout for another feature. It would be great to be able to save these layout groups and flick between them like projects.

Highlight lines changed from revision control's copy

codex 7 years ago • updated by Aleksandr Gornostal 6 years ago 3
It would be nice if lines I've modified, as measured against my RCS (e.g. git) would be marked in some way--for example, by changing the color of the margin (or line number) for that line.  Different colors could be used for adds, deletes, and modifications.

syntax highlighting for python docstrings (epytext, reStructuredText)

glyph 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Many Python projects use either reStructuredText (sphinx) or epytext (epydoc) formatted docstrings.  It would be very nice to have syntax highlighting on those docstrings.

Split the project specification and the project state

Josh Bjornson 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 1
The project specification and the project state should be stored separately (maybe sublime-project and sublime-workspace?). As it is now, it will be difficult to edit the project files (because there is so much state information stored there) and sharing projects doesn't make much sense. The simplicity of the old project files was great but I really like the features of the new projects. Can't we have the best of both worlds? sublime-project (build_system, folders, save_all_on_build, plus any include/exclude instructions). sublime-workspace (buffers, file_history, find_in_files, find_state, groups, layout, select_file, show_minimap, side_bar_visible, side_bar_width, status_bar_visible)

"It may be worth doing this, but I'm concerned about confusing people: people may not know what a 'workspace' is, so they use the project functionality when they'd be better served by using workspaces." http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1444&p=6606#p6623

Sublime Text "internally" manages the state information for other aspects of the editor ("Auto Save Session", "Session"), so why not store the project definitions "externally" and the current state (workspace) "internally"?

By storing these separately, people could more easily share projects and could still have their own local workspaces.

The biggest issue I can see is the possibility of the project and the workspace getting out of sync (if one of the files is moved to a different location).
Jon Skinner 7 years ago

 This was done in build 2111


Native FTP/SFTP and SSH Integration Please!!!

Nicholas Jordon 5 years ago 0

While I love ST2, it just feels incomplete without this. Constantly switching between ST2 and konqueror/putty/etc just seems wasteful. I think having this as a tab in the folder area would work? Additionally built in Git command line (with color, possibly as as a popup?) would be amazing, but I would focus on FTP/SFTP and SSH first.


Color Labels for Project Folders

Johannes Brückner 6 years ago • updated by Nano Zone 1 year ago 1
When working with two main directories in a project (i.e. a dev and a live version of a project), it would be great to be able to add color-labels to the main folders that also apply to all opened tabs. That would greatly help working with files that share the same name but reside in different root folders.

So lets say you need to apply some changes of your dev-versions' screen.css to the screen.css on your live-server and you applied the colors blue (dev) and green (live) to the root-folders. Your tabs would show the colored labels infront of the filename, or the file-names themselves would be colored like the respective label.

That would make it easier to keep an overview, rather than the text-based solution right now.

Project folders do not update when accessing Samba share in Windows

Andy Jarrell 6 years ago • updated by Stratigos 4 years ago 2

Project folders require a manual update for the contents to be viewed.  This seemed to  have been introduced in 2.0.  Please see this technical support discussion.