Better indentation support

Leonardo Santagada 8 years ago updated by Geoff Gerrietts 7 years ago 3
Sublimetext2 should have better indentation support, for example when you want to format your code following PEP8 for python you see a lot of places where sublime indents wrong and you have to manually align. One such places is aligning multiple arguments of a function call each line should start after the last open ( and not at the same indentation level of the previous line)
This is the single one feature that keeps me from seriously giving a chance for Sublime in real coding work (mostly PHP and Javascript in my case). I'd rather prefer the emacs style where indentation can be left for editor (with a few alternate coding styles to choose from), and you don't have to think about it at all while coding. 

Naturally that level of indentation automation wouldn't work with Python, but writing braced languages would be a breeze, and argument indentation would still work with Python as well.


There is a setting called "indent_to_bracket" which provides the mentioned "(" alignment behaviour.

Other than that I never really had problems with how indenting works except for "[\n" where I managed it to make it do the same as for "{\n".

The trouble with indent_to_bracket is that it's only desirable sometimes -- sometimes you want the behavior where you double-indent the second line instead. Both are appropriate according to PEP-8, in some contexts.

It would be really handy to be able to define indentation rules for a particular language, via plugin.