Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


Preview for Images

Philipp Schaffrath 6 years ago • updated by Donna Klinton 4 years ago 4
I've got many Situations where i want to insert Images to my Project, when i select an Image i get the preview of the includet data as Text. It would be nice, if you provide the functionality to get a preview of images. Maybe you use the file extention as trigger, or you read the file header to check if a different preview is needed.

This feature could be used for several other files like .pdf, .mp3 (audio files in general), .mp4 (video files in general) or even .ttf (font files in general).

This functionality would be pure epicness!

Minimap Width

I understand that it would be a lot of code to make the minimap width dynamic (set in preferences or draggable) but what about 2 FIXED settings, narrow and wide?  For my old eyes, if the minimap were just 1/2" wider on my screen (50 pixels?) it would be even more useful for me.

Open file by clicking link

Luís Marques 6 years ago • updated by Michał Jendrzejewski 5 years ago 5
In netbeans you have the function: 
Press Ctrl and click a link a file, like this "include_once "function/global.php";".
When "function/global.php" is clicked, the file opens in a new tab.

That would be a great feature. :)

Replace in all open files

Vadim Peretokin 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 5 years ago 4
It's be great if the replace option could also work in all currently open files, in addition to per-file as it is right now.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
This was added in 2139

Ability to configure the transparency of whitespace characters like Eclipse.

arahlf 7 years ago • updated by Mathew Polzin 5 years ago 3
I usually develop with whitespace characters always enabled, but the default look of them in Sublime Text is rather distracting -- it would be nice to make them more transparent like Eclipse Indigo now offers.

Intelligent case-sensitivity for searches

Markus Peter 7 years ago • updated by Brian Gallagher 6 years ago 4
A semi-intelligent case-sensitivity mode for searches as option, like in Emacs, where, if I type the word to search in all-lowercase, it will search case-insensitively and as soon as I type something containing uppercase, it will search case-sensitively exactly for what I typed.


Background image in distraction-free mode

Vadim Tukaev 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2

Drag/Drop (reorder) files/folders via Project Sidebar

Alysson Bortoli 7 years ago • updated by Andrey Botalov 6 years ago 3

It would be awesome if you could drag/drop to reorder files and folders in the sidebar! 


ODB Editor Suite (QuickCursor) support on OS X

Kevin Yank 7 years ago • updated by aristidesfl 6 years ago 9
QuickCursor is an application from Hog Bay Software that lets you pull the text out of any text field (in any application that uses native Cocoa text fields) and edit it in your editor of choice. Currently it supports BBEdit, Espresso, MacVim, Smultron, SubEthaEdit, TextMate, TextWrangler, and WriteRoom.

Please add support for the ODB Editor Suite that is required so that QuickCursor can support Sublime Text 2 as well!


Code folding of one line functions

L0u1s 6 years ago • updated by Adrian Forte 12 months ago 5
You are now able to fold functions when there's more then 1 line of code.
It would be nice to also fold on-lined functions