Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


"Find in selection" shouldn't be the default

Rob Speer 6 years ago • updated by Charlie 9 months ago 13
Finding text inside my selection is never what I want to do, and yet it happens by default if anything is selected.

This makes me think that text doesn't exist in my code, when it actually does.

It's particularly bad because if I've just searched for something else, the result is *selected* and I have to clear the selection before I can proceed!

API support for adding custom items to the sidebar

Leon Bogaert 6 years ago • updated by David Mair Spiess 6 years ago 1
I was searching for a ftp/sftp plugin just like Zend Studio 5.5 / Notepad++ etc. I stumbled upon this thread:

Because it isn't yet possible for a plugin to add custom items to the sidebar such a plugin can't be created.

Paste (HTML) formatted content from clipboard

Werchter 7 years ago • updated by EHLOVader 7 years ago 1
An option to paste formatted text from clipboard. For example, the Visual Studio productivity power tools copies code in both plain text and HTML format (syntax colored) to the clipboard
In SublimeText (and I think almost in every text editor), you can only paste the plain text version. However, I would love to be able to paste the HTML formatted text (text including the HTML tags).
So essentially as MS-Word like "Paste special" functionality.

An ARM port so that sublime text will be able to be used on platforms such as Beaglebone and the new Raspberry Pi.

m2432432 6 years ago • updated by Fredrik Ehnbom 6 years ago 1
Sublime Text looks like the perfect editor for something like the Raspberry Pi. I use it considerably on my desktop and laptop, and it would be great to be able to use it on my other platforms as well.

Sort numbered files/folders in the sidebar correctly

Jeff Byrnes 6 years ago • updated by Daniel Baumann 5 years ago 28
Currently, a series of files or folders which are numbered are not sorted correctly in the sidebar if they enter the hundreds. For example:


While I know this is often how *nix systems sort, I think many would agree that the intent of a series of numbered folders would be to sort correctly, as if they were integers.

show bookmark in minimap

Liam McLennan 7 years ago • updated by Tobia Conforto 5 years ago 2

It would be nice if bookmarks were shown in the minimap or on the editor pane scroll bar. 



Dragging last file from a window should close window

Falcon NL 7 years ago • updated by Nick 6 years ago 2
Currently, dragging the last file file from a window to a different or new window leaves behind an empty window, which in the vast majority of cases you'll want to close. I suggest closing the window automatically once the last file has been removed.

Forum topic:

arabic support

akwad akwadnet 6 years ago • updated by Praveen Vijayan 5 years ago 1
I loved sublime from the first time , but it dose not support arabic :( which disappointed  me , I hope you support Arabic and encoding file changing like notepad++

Ability to set bookmarks by clicking on gutter

Hongli Lai 6 years ago • updated by Joseph Huckaby 5 years ago 4
I set bookmarks very often so that I can easily switch back and forth between two or three related places in the code. It would be nice if I can set bookmarks by clicking on the gutter (the place that shows line numbers). TextMate allows this: if I click on the gutter it will show a star on that line and that line is bookmarked.

Minimize to tray (option)

Joan Piqué 6 years ago 0
As simple as that.