Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


Paredit for Clojure

Shantanu Kumar 6 years ago • updated by David Foster 5 years ago 5

ST's Clojure support falls short of paredit. Please consider supporting paredit for Clojure.


Bundle python ssl module

Will Bond 7 years ago • updated by Julien Bouquillon 5 years ago 10
It would be nice to be able to pull data from web servers that use SSL certs. From what I can tell, urllib2 needs the python ssl module to be able to download from https:// urls.

Support Python functions within regex replace strings

Joel Thornton 6 years ago • updated by Jonathan Cross 6 years ago 2
Let us embed simple Python expressions in the ST2 search-and-replace "replace with" box that would let us perform transformations on captured text groups when using regular expression matching. 

A syntax looking something like this might work well:

Search regex: (\w+)
Replace with: ${$1.upper()}

In this example ST2 would recognize a special pattern of 
and implicitly give $n the string value of the corresponding capture group within the function.

This approach could open up some very interesting possibilities for doing regex substitution ...

${ int($1) + 1 }
${ max($1, $2) }
${ import re; re.sub('foo', 'bar', $1) if 'foo' in $1 else 'cheezburger' }
... ad inf.

I love sublime text since version one

oxman . 7 years ago 0
This is an awesome ide. Please if one day you don't want continue Sublime Text, release it opensource, Thanks a lot

Add Sublime Text 2 to the Ubuntu repositories

Octavian Damiean 6 years ago • updated by dp wiz 5 years ago 5
It would be nice if you could add Sublime Text 2 to the Ubuntu package repositories so everyone can just install it using apt-get or the Ubuntu Software Center.

implement underline as part of fontStyle in .tmTheme

Matt Morrison 5 years ago 0
In the user-defined .tmTheme files, fontStyle seems to only accept bold and italic at the moment. Adding support for underline would be greatly appreciated.


Make use of fallback fonts

Frank Smit 6 years ago • updated by Roger Sperberg 5 years ago 3
Make use of fallback fonts so that Japanese (and Chinese, etc.) can be displayed if the currently used font doesn't support those characters.

Duplicate file from folder context menu

Kelly Banman 7 years ago • updated by Bruce Pieterse 6 years ago 1
I'd like to be able to right-click on a file in the project sidebar and duplicate the file.

And instead of just making a new file called "somefile_copy.php", show the rename panel, allowing the user to specify the new filename straight away.

Syntax Highlighting and Style for PowerShell and VBS files

Luis Martinez 7 years ago • updated by Alexander Dean 7 years ago 1
Contextual highlighting and syntax style for PowerShell and VB Script.

Set font size per pane

Joel Thornton 7 years ago 0
Allow the user to persistently change the font size independently for each pane in the UI. For example, the user should be able to use a smaller font size for the console pane than their main text buffer.