Filename bias in Goto File/Anything string matching

Stian Grytøyr 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 6
Introduce a touch of filename bias in the code that produces the Goto File/Anything result lists, maybe with an even stronger bias for matches at the beginning of word parts in the filename.

If I type "app con" in the Goto File overlay, I get the following matches:

* priorities_controller.rb
* projects_controller.rb
* accounts_controller.rb
* application_controller.rb
* ...

The first three match because the path is .../app/controllers/..., but I think most people would like to see "application_controller.rb" at the top of the list if they type in "app con".

Add the "config" extension to the list of XML file formats in XML.tmLanguage

Ove Andersen 6 years ago 0

As the title says.


Ability to push current file stream to external command

Donald Organ 6 years ago 0
For instance in gedit on linux I can setup a plugin to push the current file contents to a given program such as php so that i can run a php -l on the current contents

Project Panel Collapsible

Nguyen Tam 6 years ago 0

An Project Manager panel should be collapsible and expandable


Include trailing characters in a Snippet

Gitter 7 years ago 0
In javascript, when you type parens or curlys, they are auto-closed for you.  It would be nice to have a snippet like this:

    <description>Ext Config</description>

Problem is you can't include any trailing characters in a snippet, only the trigger text is included, so I have to leave off the ending and add the semicolon myself.

Option to allocate tabs or spaces for certain file types

Tom Turton 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2
In cases of YAML files certainly, tabs cannot be used. At the moment I have to manually put in spaces, save and close the file and then reopen so that tabs automatically become spaces.
Maybe in the case of YAML and other strict formats, Sublime Text 2 should force spaces/tabs?

snippets dont lose focus if you move away with the cursor

jaap groeneveld 7 years ago • updated by Luke Scott 7 years ago 3
if you activate a snippet and you dont tab through all options and then move away with your cursor and try to tab to activate another snippet or just to indent, the cursor will jump back to a tab position in the first snippet.

so you have to tab through all options of a snippet to be able to use the tab key again.

Have a clipboard stack or history

adzenith 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 3
I'd like to be able to copy multiple pieces of text and then paste them all.

When opening from CLI, create new projects for folders that do not yet have projects

cz 7 years ago 0
Create a new project for a folder that does not yet have a project, or open the most recently opened project for a folder that already has a project, when opening Sublime Text 2 from the CLI.

Sublime text new version bug on using C++

Andrew Angelo Barrientos 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2

The new version of Sublime text has an unknown bug on using C++...
It doesn't build and run, it says: "Can't find file specified" or something like that...

I copied the codes I wrote and transferred it in Dev-C++ and it ran..

So I think the developers might want to read this topic and fix the bug...


Add "Launch" option to installer

Domenic Barbuzzi 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
As with many other installers, it would be nice to have a checkbox to allow the option of "Launch Sublime Text 2" on the installation complete page (I'd prefer it default to be checked as well, but that's up to you).

For the record, I'm on the dev channel, so I suppose it may be included in the installers for the official builds. A minor change, but I'd find it very useful.

Move down current file in selector when opening new file

Karsten Patzwaldt 7 years ago 0

 I usually browse my projects using Cmd+T (on Mac) and just search for the next file I want to open. However, when a header file is open and I want to edit the corresponding source file, a search for the file name reveals the header file again, although this file is already open and even in the buffer that has focus. I obviously don't want to open this file again, so I guess it would be quicker to just move the file name of the current buffer to the end of the list.


I'd appreciate an introduction targeted at experienced Emacs users.

Jeffrey Yasskin 5 years ago 0

I've been using Emacs for years. Sublime Text looks like the editor of the future, but I've been having trouble accumulating the activation energy to re-learn all of my keyboard shortcuts. I think a translating cheat sheet would help me switch.


Preview on click tab

cresus18 5 years ago 0
When you preview file contents after clicking on a file in the side bar, it would be nice if you had an option to let you open it in a temporary tab, rather than having no tabs opened at all.

It would be discarded as soon as you navigate away from it, just the same way the file contents currently do.

This tab could be styled differently to prevent confusion with normal tabs.

The reason behind this is that I kinda feel lost at times wondering where I ended up after I navigated away from a file contents preview using keyboard shortcuts.

Renewable Energy Study Shows That Benefits Outweigh Costs In U.S.

Zoey Foxx 4 years ago 0

Wear-and-tear costs on coal and natural gas power plants from adding high levels of wind and solar energy in the U.S. West is small compared with the benefits of generating less power using fossil fuels, a federal study said Tuesday.

The Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory determined the western power grid could accommodate 30 percent wind and 5 percent solar energy in 2017.

But to keep the grid reliable when the wind stops blowing and the sun stops shining, utilities will have to ramp their gas and coal-fired plants up and down more frequently, a process known in the power industry as cycling.

The NREL said cycling gas and coal plants would add about $35 million to $157 million per year in operating and maintenance expenses, depending on how much wind and solar is actually installed, by 2020.

"Increased cycling to accommodate high levels of wind and solar generation increases operating costs by 2 percent to 5 percent for the average fossil-fueled plant," Debra Lew, NREL project manager for the study, said in a release.

However, that is well below the estimated $7 billion per year that the increased use of wind and solar power would save in gas and coal fuel costs, NREL said.

In the summer of 2012, renewable energy sources provided about 13 percent of power capacity in the West, according to regional reliability coordinators.

Cycling induces some inefficiencies for coal and gas plants, Lew said, but still yields a significant net reduction in carbon emissions.

"Our high wind and solar scenarios, in which one-fourth of the energy in the entire western grid would come from these sources, reduced the carbon footprint of the western grid by about one-third," Lew said. (Reporting by Scott DiSavino and Joe Silha in New York; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn)





".git" folder not showing in sidebar

-10733 5 years ago • updated by Sven Axelsson 5 years ago 1

not sure this is a bug, but the ".git" folder in my project does not show in the sidebar, i could see reason for showing and for not showing it.


Add option to find/replace panels to search from top of file rather than current position

Jarrett Billingsley 6 years ago 0
I'm very used to the behavior of just about every other editor I've used where searching can start either from the current cursor position OR from the top of the file. I really, really dislike wraparound search so this is not a solution for me. All it'd have to be is another toggle button (like case sensitive and whole word) that toggles between "start from top" and "start from cursor".

Add the possiblity to tempoarily maximize a part of a splitview

jaap groeneveld 7 years ago 0
for example eclipse has this feature.

it would be nice to tempoarily work on one buffer of a splitview in the whole window but still have the possibility to restore the splitview configuration.

Problem with tab completion

Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 1
I really appreciate your efforts in tab completion but I continuously run into "wrong" completions instead of getting a tab or couple of spaces inserted. How can I change it back to only support snippets? I would then bind the best-completion-thingy to another key..
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
Done in 2033

Sidebar find

John Turknett 6 years ago • updated by John Drummond 6 years ago 1
Currently when you perform a find search and highlight matches, it shows a tiny little highlight in the minimap. That is hard to see, it would be better to highlight the whole row.