HTML formatting

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Seems odd that st2 still doesn't have this. 


New File action in sidebar ask for filename immediatly

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typing < sometimes crashes sublime in win7

Nico Graff 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
When I type the < character in the beginning of a line, sublime crashes. This happens mostly within text blocks.

For example: open an new tab, paste a lorem ipsum text block, go to the beginning of the line and type <. My Sublime crashes every time.

I use Win 7 and Sublime 2 Beta 2181

Insurance Fraud Certified at Koyal Group: Learn how to spend smart, spend safe during Fraud Prevention Month

Stanley Friel 4 years ago 0
SAINT JOHN, N.B. – Consumers are encouraged to learn how to spend smart and spend safe during Fraud Prevention Month. The Financial and Consumer Services Commission is providing resources to New Brunswickers to help.

"Whether you are shopping at the mall or making purchases online, you should be looking at how you can spend smartly and safely," said Andrew Nicholson, director of education and communications with the commission. "During March, we will be offering tips and free resources to help empower you to make the right financial decisions, no matter where or how you are spending your money."

Commission staff will be available at several home shows, scam jams and presentations around the province during the month. The schedule is online.

"Sometimes we need a reminder to think twice before handing over our hard-earned money," said Nicholson. "Protecting your money can be as easy as asking questions about return policies before you buy or checking the licence or registration of someone selling you insurance or investments. We can take small, but important, steps to protect ourselves."

Each week of the month has a theme reflecting the activities taking place:

– March 8 – International Women's Day event: Pathways to Empowerment, Delta Brunswick Hotel, 39 King St., Saint John.

– March 11 – Too Good To Be True Day. New Brunswickers will be encouraged to use the hashtag #2Good2BTrue to get tips and information from Fraud Prevention Forum members across Canada on recognizing and avoiding frauds and scams. Follow the commission on Twitter: @4NBInvestors.

– March 19 – Check Registration Day. New Brunswickers will be encouraged to check the registration of their financial adviser. Checking registration is a quick and easy first step you can take to protect your investments. Scam jams are scheduled in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton this week.

The commission encourages New Brunswickers to take the time now to improve their financial health. Find free tools and resources on spending and saving, investing, insurance, pensions and more online.

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission regulates, educates and protects consumers and investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices. It brings together regulatory authorities for securities, insurance, pensions, consumer affairs, co-operatives, credit unions, caisses populaires and loan and trust companies. It is an arm's-length Crown corporation funded by the fees and assessments paid by the regulated sectors.


PHP syntax coloring buggie

David Čepelík 7 years ago 0
(Just a little thing) In this PHP code: "String::uuid()" the "String" part gets highlighted as a typecast. Only (string)/(String)/(STRING) shold be highlighted this way.

[SyntaxHighlighting] PHP's date_parse_from_format

Sander 6 years ago 0
the date_parse_from_format function is not highlighted correctly in the PHP language:

Example: http://i.imgur.com/mxxpx.png


Make font resize specific to window in focus

Einar Boson 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
When I press cmd and '+' the font size increases like I expect, but it does so in both sublime windows I have open. I keep them on different screens which have different resolutions and would love for them to be able to have differently sized fonts to compensate. Now one of them has too small or too big text.

Red squares next to the line numbers - Build 2113

Thodoris Tsiridis 7 years ago 0

Hi, I have Sublime TagMatcher installed and now I get these red boxes instead of the green circles that I used to get before. I got this problem when I updated to version 2113

Document handle in the title bar on OSX does not update if it is changed via focus group.

chendo 6 years ago 0
Switching between groups either via the menu or the keyboard shortcut does not update the title bar and the draggable file handle.

User Global.sublime-settings not working

Mark Hahn 6 years ago 0

I'm new to sublime and I can't get the user settings to work.  I know I'm using the correct file because it checks syntax when I save it.  I'm bringing up the file with "Global Settings - User" menu in preferences.

My file contents follow.  None of the options do anything ...

{ "highlight_modified_tabs": true, "tab_completion": true, "wrap_width": 100, "word_separators": "./\\()\"'-:,.;<>~!@#%^&*|+=[]{}`~?", "rulers": [100], "highlight_line": true, "match_brackets_angle": true, "default_line_ending": "unix"}

I'm on Windows vista and build 2126.

------------------------ EDIT --------------------------
When I moved them to the FILE settings instead of Global they worked.  Am I going to have to make these edits for every file?  What is the right way to do this?

Grayscale font hinting too bleak (Win XP)

U.N. 7 years ago 0

Not sure if it is a bug, but when rendering text with `DejaVu Sans Mono` (and pretty much any other font, which is not "crisp") and using grayscale hinting under Windows XP, the letters appear to be lighter and bleaker, than in, say, Netbeans, Notepad++, Firefox, using the same font family, size and color.

At first I thought it has something to do with DPI I use (106 currently), but it appeared not to be the case (besides, the font is rendered of the same size, just lighter).


HTML suggested tag format

Rob Pungello 6 years ago 0
When accepting a suggested HTML tag that will usually contain more than one line in it (such as <table>, <tr>, etc...), the formatting should be
{New Cursor Position}
Instead of the default <tagname>{New Cursor Position}</tagname>
In my option this makes code easier to read, and is one of the features the text editor I currently use has that I really like to have.

Crown Capital Eco Management Reviews - Electric cars are clean today and will only get cleaner tomorrow | Grist

Electric cars are clean today and will only get cleaner tomorrow

By Max Baumhefner and Cecilia Springer

Source : http://grist.org/business-technology/electric-cars-are-clean-today-and-will-only-get-cleaner-tomorrow


Uncovering a fraud is uniquely satisfying, which is perhaps why news outlets continue to provide electric car deniers with a platform to proclaim they aren’t as green as they appear. But close examination reveals the latest round of skeptics to be lacking in substance.

Numerous peer-reviewed articles have reached the same conclusion: From cradle to grave, electric cars are the cleanest vehicles on the road today. And unlike cars that rely on oil, the production of which is only getting dirtier over time, the environmental benefits of electric cars will continue to improve as old coal plants are replaced with cleaner sources and manufacturing becomes more efficient as it scales up to meet growing consumer demand.

“Did your account for the pollution from the electricity it takes to power the vehicles?”

This question has been asked and answered. Using today’s average American electricity mix of natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, geothermal, and solar, an electric car emits half the amount of harmful carbon pollution per mile as the average new vehicle. In states with cleaner mixes, such as California, it’s only a quarter as much. To find out how clean your electric car would be today, plug your zip code into the EPA’s “Beyond Tailpipe Emissions Calculator.” Those benefits will only improve as the electric grid becomes cleaner over time.

Before the Natural Resources Defense Council began advocating for vehicle electrification, we did our own homework, publishing a two-volume report in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute. The work took almost two years and concluded that a long-term shift to the use of electricity as a transportation fuel provides substantial reductions in carbon pollution and air quality benefits.

green-colored car

It’s essential to take a long view when examining vehicle electrification, because the electric grid doesn’t stand still. Since the time we published that report, the EPA has adopted power plant standards for mercury and other air toxics, ozone-forming emissions, fine particulate pollution, soot, and coal ash; proposed standards for greenhouse gases from new power plants; and has been directed by the president to adopt greenhouse gas standards for existing plants. Meanwhile, 29 states have adopted renewable energy targets to reduce emissions. Driving on renewable electricity is virtually emissions-free.

“Did your account for the resources it takes to build the cars?”

Producing an electric car today requires more resources than producing a conventional vehicle, generally due to the large batteries. However, comparing the efficiency of relatively nascent and small-scale electric vehicle manufacturing to the efficiency of conventional automobile production, which has benefited from more than a century of learning-by-doing, is misleading. Automakers are racing to save money and materials through recycling and more efficient production. Those who win the race will win the market.

Even with today’s technology, on a lifecycle basis, the electric car is still the cleanest option available. Higher emissions from manufacturing are more than offset by the substantial benefits of driving on electricity. We examined six peer-reviewed academic studies and found that in every case, electric vehicles win by a substantial margin, with estimates ranging from 28 to 53 percent lower cradle-to-grave emissions than conventional vehicles today.

Opponents often rely upon the original version of a Norwegian study, which has much higher estimates of emissions associated with the production of electric cars. Those skeptics generally cherry-pick from the original version of that article, and ignore the fact it was correctedpost-publication, resulting in its estimate of the comparative emissions benefit rising from 22 percent to 28 percent. In other words, even the source relied upon by skeptics shows a substantial lifecycle advantage for electric cars. The Norwegian study finds the lowest benefit relative to the other articles examined partially because it includes an estimate of emissions associated with the disposal of advanced battery materials that is higher than other studies, which brings us to the next question:

 “What about mining and disposing of the materials needed to make the batteries?”

First off, there is no shortage of the materials needed to make advanced vehicle batteries. A recent article in the Journal of Industrial Ecology concludes, “even with a rapid and widespread adoption of electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries, lithium resources are sufficient to support demand until at least the end of this century.” Another analysis of the trade constraints associated with the global lithium market came to a similar conclusion, and noted that even a “five-fold increase of lithium price would not impact the price of battery packs.” Furthermore, companies like Simbol Materials are already finding innovative ways to acquire lithium by harvesting materials from the brine of geothermal power plants — no mining required.

Secondly, advanced vehicle batteries are unlikely to be simply thrown away; they’re too valuable. Even once they’re no longer suitable for automotive use, they retain about 80 percent of their capacity and can be re-purposed to provide grid energy storage to facilitate the integration of variable renewable resources, such as wind and solar. Automotive batteries can also be repurposed to support the electrical grid at the neighborhood level, preventing the need to invest in costly distribution system equipment. Pacific Gas & Electric plans to use money saved through the strategic deployment of used battery packs in neighborhoods throughout Northern and Central California to provide electric car drivers with rebates to reduce the purchase price of new electric cars.

Finally, those batteries that aren’t repurposed will likely be recycled. Conventional vehicle manufacturing is one of the most efficient industries in the world — around 95 percent of vehicle parts are recycled, reducing the energy needed to make more parts. It is worth noting that conventional lead-acid car batteries are consistently the most recycled product for which the EPA provides data [PDF], with a recycling rate of 96 percent. Advanced battery recycling could cut associated emissions in half, according to a 2012 study from researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. Companies are already investing in such technologies.

In summary, a sustained and serious examination of the cradle-to-grave impacts of electric cars reveals they are the cleanest option available today, and that the environmental benefits of vehicle electrification will only increase over time. That’s not only good news for the eco-conscious, but for any consumer interested in driving on a cleaner fuel at a price equivalent to buck-a-gallon gasoline.

Cecilia Springer is an associate at Climate Advisers, where she manages projects on transportation and sustainable supply chains.

Max Baumhefner is an NRDC attorney with a focus on the juncture of the electricity and transportation sectors.

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In the sidebar, highlight the selected views for all groups

adzenith 7 years ago 0
The sidebar only shows the name of the current file in the current group. If I've turned off tabs because they're useless when I have a lot of files open, then I can't tell what the file in the other group is without some thought.
Not a bug

Default file settings are lost on application updates

fackler 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 2

 I have to enter in my custom settings for Prefs > File settings - default  every time the application is updated, which is almost daily.

Jon Skinner 7 years ago

If you place your settings in the User File Settings, then this won't happen.

The defaults are intended as a reference, rather than something that should generally be edited.


button4 and button5 mouse bindings do not work on linux

Jocelyn Turcotte 6 years ago • updated by Baltasar Sanchez 6 years ago 3
Those buttons seem to trigger button1 instead.
If I look in xev I see them as different buttons (button 8 and 9)

`.` repeats last text-changing command ONLY WITHIN THIS FILE

Chad Ostrowski 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
In vintage mode, I expect `.` to repeat the last text-changing command, such as entering a semicolon on the end of this line, but this doesn't work between files. It seems that ST2 stores these commands on a per-file basis. This is unexpected and not beneficial.

Improve management of unsaved files when switching project

William Ledoux 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 2
When there is open unsaved files (or saved but modified), and you "switch project in window", all the open files are replaced by those of the project without warning thus loosing all your unsaved modifications or files.

Maybe a question could be issued for the modified files (save/discard), and for the unsaved files (save/discard/take with me on the project). 
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
The changes aren't lost: they'll still be there when you next switch back to the project.

View.score_selector gives zero in PHP, expected score > 0

colinta 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1
In PHP, when I view the selector (crtl+shift+p), I see this:
text.html.basic source.php.embedded.block.html

But when I run view.score_selector(pos, 'source'), it returns 0L

I have a command (bracketeer, insert single quote) that tries to determine whether the cursor is in a string, a text scope, or in a comment.  In this case, I expect view.score_selector(pos, 'source') to be greater than view.score_selector(pos, 'text').