transform.py (SwapCase, UpperCase, LowerCase, etc.) should scan forward, if the cursor is on white space.

Brian Clapper 8 years ago 0
One nice Emacs feature is that its case-changing functions scan forward, not backward. Thus:

  • If sitting on white space between two words, Emacs's upcase-word function scans forward and upcases the next word.
  • Once a word has been transformed, the cursor is sitting past the word.
Combine those two features, and you have a nice capability: To upcase three words in a row requires just three keystrokes (Meta-U Meta-U Meta-U).

By contrast, Sublime's transform functions require multiple keystrokes, since you first have to move to the word being transformed, transform it, then move past it to the next word, etc.

It'd be a nice reduction in typing to change transform.py to work more like the Emacs version.