Under Windows, when alt-tabbing during a drag and drop, the drag and drop is broken

Keith Buck 6 years ago 0

Scenario: you want to move a tab from one Sublime Text 2 window to the other, but to reach the other window you must alt-tab while dragging the tab.  Unfortunately, alt-tab breaks the drag and drop.

Most other tabbed applications (e.g. Firefox) work fine when alt-tabbing while dragging a tab.

This is also broken for win-tab.


vintage mode: implement zt and zb

Michael Seiwald 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0

Goto Folder functionality

Atticus Finch 7 years ago 0
This is something I've yet to see in any editor. It would work the same as CMD+P for finding files, but instead it only looks for folders and the selected folder would then become activated/highlighted in the sidebar.

Example workflow/usage...

Goto Folder > 'classes/controllers'
CMD + N //do stuff
CMD + S to save the file in this folder

Goto Folder > 'classes/views'
CMD + N //do stuff

Goto Folder > 'templates'
CMD + N //do stuff

Edit: Perhaps add this functionality within the current Goto File search dialogue by searching for folders if we add a / to the end of the search criteria. Eg: 'controllers/' , 'views/' , 'templates/' would only bring up search results for folders.

Snippet transformations don't work correctly

RoyalTS 7 years ago 0
According to http://blog.macromates.com/2005/the-power-of-snippets/, the following snippet should prepend a bullet point to every line in the current selection:
${TM_SELECTED_TEXT/^.+$/• $0/g}

However, this does not seem to work. Instead it only places a bullet in front of the first line and does not apply the regex replace multiple times.

Welcome to the new Westhill and Elrick Community website.

ishavellemich 4 years ago 0

Welcome to the new Westhill and Elrick Community website.

This site has been established by Westhill & Elrick Community Council (W&ECC) to bring together and promote the diverse range of community groups active in the area. It is hoped that as the website progresses more and more local groups will join us to promote what they do in the local community and that this site will be a one-stop shop to find out what's going on in Westhill & Elrick.

W&ECC was formed in 2008 having formerly been the Westhill & District Residents Association.

Community Councils are statutory bodies whose main aims are to represent the views and take action to promote the interest of the community. Community Councils can carry out a variety of roles including campaigning on local issues, supporting and encouraging other community organisations, helping with environmental projects, commenting on local planning and other issues and conducting local surveys.

W&ECC meet every second Thursday of each month at 7pm usually in the Staff Room, Westhill Academy and all local residents are most welcome.


Explorador de Código

jrcsDev 6 years ago 0
Se necesita una ventana que pueda mapear todas las variables, funciones, clases y métodos existentes en el archivo de texto. Esto facilitaría mucho la navegación dentro del código

Pressing escape when viewing a preview buffer should return user to previous buffer

ybakos 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 1
Man oh man do I love ST2.

I'd like to recommend a new feature. When I click on a file once in the sidebar, a "preview" buffer appears (a tab-less buffer). This is nice, but I'd like to be able to press ESC to return me to the previous tab/buffer I was viewing rather than having to click somewhere.

For example: double-click a file in the sidebar, notice that a tab has appeared containing that file's buffer. Now click once on another file in the sidebar, and notice that a tabless buffer appears. If I'm done viewing that file's contents, I need to click the first file's tab in order to make the tabless buffer appear.

Jon Skinner 7 years ago

Thanks for the request. There are already a couple of ways of doing this from the keyboard:

- ctrl+tab back to the previous file
- close the transient file, via ctrl+f4 or command+w

"ignored_snippets": [ "function" ],

Mark Fink 6 years ago 0
Hi there,
I am new to Sublime Text 2 and I must say so far I like it. I have a question regarding snippets. I want to clean up my snippets but I do not want to delete them because I want an easy way to sync between multiple workenvironments. I also want to insulate against new versions. Therefore I was expecting to be able to do this in the user settings like the following (analog to ignored_packages, but I could not get it to work):


Option to mirror switching tabs in different groups.

Amiel Martin 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I'm having a hard time searching for other references to this because I don't know what to call it. So, apologies if it's already here or even already implemented and I can't find it...

Here's the idea/use case:

I like to split with two groups "Columns: 2", and put implementation files on the left and test files on the right. In order to see an implementation file and the corresponding test file at once I have to either click on them both or do some tricky key combos (switch tab with ctrl-tab or command-ctrl-arrow, then ctrl-2, and switch tab again). I'd like to be able to switch tabs and have both my corresponding implementation and test switch at the same time.

I'm not sure what the best way to implement this is. Any ideas?

Projects - just like coda2!

Daniel Marklund 6 years ago 0

It would be awesome if projects could be created just like in coda 2!


JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction - BUSINESS ACTIVITIES

jakefury 4 years ago 0

This company focuses on non-production activities, especially real estate business, real estate management and maintenance, as well as accounting, tax registry, and accounting consultancy.


Construction division focuses on new construction, reconstruction and conversions of existing civil structures as a general contractor, and occasionally executing component construction processes for major contractors. The character of the civil engineering buildings executed is not limited. We execute housing and civil constructions as well as industrial or agriculture. References on construction division here

Our staff will execute all manner of construction work designed using conventional technologies as well novel and innovative systems. We can execute any kind of construction work, from concreting to bar setting, concrete casing, brick laying, installations, carpenting, floor and wall tiling, plasterboard jobs, heat insulation systems, to inner and outer plaster casting of various degrees of complexity and design technologies.

Complex processing of grants in the Panel and Zelená úsporám programme
JMA stavební company is able to do full service of the Panel and Zelená úsporám grant disposal. JMA stavební company is entered in the List of special suplieres in the Zelená úsporám programme.


Division of silos construction
JMA stavební company uses the technology which is based on the boiler construction (silo, hall or other product) by contiguous metal strap winding along the spiral and clever coupling of an edge overlaped strap. It is possible to build just objects with circular groundplan by this technology. However with unique characteristics which overpower the other technologies. With this product system are made thin-walled cylinder covers by big diameters (3,5 till 40 m).
You can see more about the technology here.
Silos and boilers you can see here.

Biogas stations
JMA stavební company offeres construction of biogas stations with own building-technological conception - more information here.

This specialised company focuses on electrical installations in buildings. The high professional level and experience of its specialised teams allow full concentration on client requirements resulting in the maximum quality of work completed.

Electrical division scope of business
Regular heavy-current distribution networks, PUK-WERKE cable systems, Weidmuller, Ackermann, Betermann in-floor system delivery and installation, JJ International and Canalis branch bar systems, DAHL systems. In addition, telephonic networks, telephone exchange installations, electronic fire protection systems (Cetler, Lites), electronic security systems (Galaxy…), common TV aerial networks, including cable television networks and camera systems, card-operated systems, sound systems, MaR – all in co-operation with world-class dealerships: Siemens, Panasonic, Gold Star, Philips, Johnson Controls, Sony, and others.
References on electrical division here.


Rezidence Boží hora, s.r.o. - development of a block of flats and family houses in Ivančice u Brna. Flats and houses are in sale. More information you can find here.

Allow whitespace after the shebang when detecting the script’s language.

Dan Martinez 6 years ago 0

Sublime Text 2.0.1, build 2217, can correctly recognize a file’s language when the first line looks like:


but not when it looks like:

#! /path/to/my/interpreter

A single space between the shebang and the path shouldn’t be enough to trip up the show.


Quote switching. Will swap the quote keys so single is double.

saidfasf 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2

I am a JavaScript developer. I like using double quotes. However, using them requires me to hit shift all day. I think it would be neat that while working only in JavaScript files we could have a setting that  swaps the quote key and results in the single quote being a double quote. I realize there is plugins to do this on per command basis but that gets aggravating.


Improve Cmd-P open/switch to file behavior

Idan Gazit 6 years ago 0
I often have a lot of tabs open in multiple panes. If I type Cmd-P and start typing the name of a file I already have open in a tab, it will switch to that tab…

But only if that tab is in the same pane. Otherwise, it will open a second view of that same file in my current pane.

Is there some way to switch to any open tab by autocompleting? I don't need it to share Cmd-P or be overloaded with the ability to open a tab if no completion can be found. I just want a quick way to switch to _footer.html which I have open somewhere in these twenty tabs.

2045: Path to Nation’s Golden Age

finley theo 5 years ago 0

On Aug. 17 we commemorated and celebrated 68 years of independence. The yearly display of sacred and ceremonious spirit proves that the country’s younger generation can cultivate a deep sense of nationalism and give it renewed meaning for the future.

Indonesia’s journey since independence has encountered hardship at times but also reached important milestones. The generation of 1945 fought for and won our independence. The generation of 1966 continued with the objective of maintaining macroeconomic stability and focused on the development of critical infrastructure in every corner of our archipelago. And despite suffering from a structural financial crisis, the generation of 1998 demanded reform that would spread to all layers of society and in the end would usher in the era of democracy for Indonesia.





save window size for each layout

Pavlos Vinieratos 6 years ago 0
when i have the layout on single column, I like the window to be tall.
on double column, i like the window to be wide, so I can see both files clearly.

when i change from one layout to the other, the window stays the same size, so when i am on two columns with a wide window, I press cmd+option+1, change to single column, and then have to manually change the window size with the mouse.
this is really awkward.. I'd love it if sublime could save my preferences on window size for each layout.

Opening files and folders problem

aristidesfl 6 years ago 0
Since I've done the update to 2200 I've been having problems opening files and folders some times. 
Sometimes they don't open, other times they take a long time.
I don't know if it only happens with the subl utility or by dragging files on top of the icon because those are the only 2 ways I open things.

Here are a few seconds of the log after having some problems:

BACK and FORWARD button suggestion. to go the last opened file.

Diogo Pereira 6 years ago • updated by FichteFoll 6 years ago 3
BACK and FORWARD button suggestion. to go the last opened file. 

Find in Files Saved Configurations

Owen Lewery 6 years ago 0

I love find in files - saves me every minute of the day, it's fast and ST2 is the first editor to make it easier than using find at the command line. Thanks. However, I tend to have a few configs that I use all the time - usually combinations of directories and file globs. It would make life even easier if I could save those configs and then pick them from a popup, say at the end of the "where" entry box. I'd settle for recents but better would be to save them somewhere (or even create a settings file).


An API for images/iframes

altivan 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2
I can't believe I'm the only one who feels that ST3 is far from a improvement without this... maybe they are using a different wording...

Because really, for many things like choosing html images (img[src]), previewing Marcdown files, previewing image files selected on the side bar so we need some kind of iframe inside Sublime; if you want to to implement this in the most painless way you can use a Chrome app; all the platforms you support also have support for Chrome (or Chromium).