Pass code to interactive interpreter as separate window

Thomas Sturges-Allard 7 years ago 0

Ability to run code interactively in the appropriate interpreter in a separate window a la the PyNPP plugin for Notepad++

I prefer the interpreter to "pop-up" when I want to test my code. I can then take note of an error (Python gives great feedback on errors), close the command prompt window, go back to the code and fix the problem.

I don't like how "Building" in Sublime causes the console to pop-up using up reducing the code you can look at.

With PyNPP I can click in the main window to switch focus back or if I do not need to see the prompt again I can exit it which is much simpler than View->Console. I also find the grey-on-white much harder to read than the white-on-black of the command prompt and it is not representative of what my users will be seeing/using.