Highlight tabstop only of column the cursor is in

pazsxn 12 years ago updated by Asher Max Schweigart 10 years ago 1

I love dotted lines highlighting tabs, but they introduce visual clutter too.

It would be perfect if only column the cursor is in would highlight tabs

e.g. if cursor is on the 3rd tab stop, show dotted line for 3rd tab stops, but not 1st,2nd tab stop or 4th tab stop.

That would let me see where current block of code starts/ends, but wouldn't add "stripes" on all of the indentation.

There is a way to do this.
First, make sure your "indent_guide_options" setting is set to only "draw_active":

"indent_guide_options": [ "draw_active" ]

Then, in your color scheme (I would recommend making a copy instead of modifying the original),
change the color of the guide to the same color as the background:

<!-- color of line for current code block --> <key>activeGuide</key> <string>#9D550FB0</string>
<!-- the next two settings may need to be added to you color scheme. I have them in my personal modified version of Monokai, but I can't remember where I got them --> <!-- color of line for parents of current code block --> <key>stackGuide</key> <string>#000000</string> <!--string>#51402FDD</string--> <!-- color of line for siblings and children of current code block. Siblings & children only show if "draw_normal" is added to "indent_guide_options" -->