Linux: When creating dialogs, the windows borders of all system dissapears

Armando Pérez 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 1

When ST2 shows the open file dialog, and then I close it, the windows borders of the system are lost (the window decorator crashed); but everything's OK if no dialog is shown (luckly there are many in ST2). Even worse, when opening the about box, the entire X server crashs and subsequently, all graphical programs also end. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.3 and ST2 rev 2111. If I must attach some other system information, just ask what to look for.

Now ST2 sometimes crashes when saving a file. And with "crash", I meant the X Server also crashes. Maybe all this started after some packages upgrades (I'm still using Ubuntu 10.04). I noticed that when I'm running not running the composite window manager Compiz, and instead, a non composite one (like plain Metacity) then the dialogs behave normally.