View.score_selector gives zero in PHP, expected score > 0

colinta 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1
In PHP, when I view the selector (crtl+shift+p), I see this:
text.html.basic source.php.embedded.block.html

But when I run view.score_selector(pos, 'source'), it returns 0L

I have a command (bracketeer, insert single quote) that tries to determine whether the cursor is in a string, a text scope, or in a comment.  In this case, I expect view.score_selector(pos, 'source') to be greater than view.score_selector(pos, 'text').


"Find in Files" open files hands free under cursor at that specific line

Geoff Hogg 6 years ago 0
After doing a "Find in Files" search one is presented with occurrences in different files.
I would love to be able to put the cursor over a specific line press a key-combo and that file is opened at that line.
I can click on the mouse and that works OK, apart from it not being hands free, Grrrr.

Tourism Not Affected By Fasting Month – Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

madisonwalker 4 years ago 0


Ramadhan fasting month which started last Wednesday will not affect the general economic activity, including tourism.  It will continue to run as usual in Bali even whil the Ramadhan fasting month is ongoing.

Denpasar Tourist Agency head Putu Budiasa told The Jakarta Post that in general, tourism in Bali had remained normal.

Everything is business as usual from street-side food stalls to five-star hotels as well as nightlife venues will continue to host customers per normal operating hours.

“All activities will run as usual. Nothing changes. The only thing that will change, maybe, is when customers stop by. Those who are fasting may go to restaurants when it’s time to break fast,” he said.

He, nevertheless, acknowledged that domestic tourist arrivals might see a slight lessening during the fasting month.  During the summer school holiday, from year to year, Bali regularly sees peak domestic visitor arrivals and mostly from Java.

“As most residents in Java are Muslim, many may opt to not to travel during the fasting month. But domestic visitors from other parts of Indonesia are still coming,” he said.

Meanwhile, July to August are the peak months for foreign tourist arrivals. Bali tourism agency head Ida Bagus Kade Subhiksu similarly said that there were no operational hour limitations during Ramadhan this year. “Such limits is the authority of each regency and city. As far as I know, operational hours and services at the airport, hotels, restaurants and tourism destinations, will run as usual,” he said.

The Bali tourism agency last year recorded that there were 1,339 restaurants with a total capacity of 68,468 seats and 582 bars operating throughout Bali.

There are many hotels to choose from to 1,031 non-star hotels with a total 21,114 rooms, 156 star-hotels with 20,269 rooms, and 1,025 villas with 4,642 rooms.  Bali moreover has 345 travel agents, 219 water tourism companies, and 270 tourism destinations.

Head of the Islam education division at the Religious Affairs Ministry’s Bali office, Mustain, said that there was a high level of religious tolerance throughout the island. The majority of Bali itself follows the Hindu faith.

“That’s why there’s a high level of religious tolerance here,” he said. Despite the business-as-usual mode, Mustain said that Muslims in Bali were able to perform tarawih (extra prayer service) peacefully at hundreds of mosques and mushollas (prayer rooms) across the island.

Read more: http://westhillconsulting.info/blog/



Wesley Hearn 6 years ago 0
Please port this color scheme  http://slinky.imukuppi.org/zenburnpage/


Coaching for Health and Life, Integrated Group Jennifer Shearin | MakeFive

Teresa Smith 4 years ago 0
Life coaches are becoming very popular nowadays. What parents and teachers used to do exclusively have become the concern and livelihood of people who have the expertise and passion to provide general mentoring in life and all its many aspects, such as health, business, arts and marital counseling. Being a life coach essentially means you teach a person gain skills within a particular field or industry while visualizing how those skills will enhance one’s ability to cope and to compete in life.

Success is the aim of almost every person and enterprise. And without the need to reinvent the wheel, life coaches have collated much of the ancient and modern knowledge in specific fields for those seeking guided education for personal advancement.

Whereas only wealthy individuals and celebrities could afford voice or gym coaches in the past, now, almost anyone can find an online coach or even a personal coach for a reasonable and even at no price at all. Reading through Jennifer Shearin’s website is in itself a practically free but priceless tool for anyone who seriously takes her advices to heart.

Achieving balance in one’s life through having a health coach is the latest innovation in health management. More specifically, having an integrative health coach to provide an individualized health plan provides one with a focused strategy designed to address personal health issues through experienced health experts.

The main objective of having an integrative health coach is in obtaining a program that will help “sustain the mindset needed to make lifestyle and behavior changes for the long haul”. Developing and maintaining the discipline of a healthy and balanced life requires the help of a whole family or group of people, not just an individual. As they say, it takes a whole village to raise a child. It certainly requires a whole town to keep each individual become a healthy member of the community. Trying to go organic in a town that does not produce any such products would be tough. Let alone live in a town that does not care about proper sanitation and waste disposal.

Finding a health coach then must take into consideration not merely the qualifications of the coach itself but also with the specific health goals that a person has. Having a qualified health coach, nevertheless, is the first step toward attaining a sustainable personal health program.

Watch video: http://www.powershow.com/view0/5f6c42-ZDQ1Z/Coaching_for_Health_and_Life_Integrated_Group_Jennifer_Shearin_powerpoint_ppt_presentation

To join conversations about having a healthy, happy and long life, visit http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/242809/

Asymetric 3-way window groups

Matt Keranen 7 years ago 0

 Implement 3 way window splits, mixing vertical and horizontal splits. 

For example 2 windows in the top half of the editor, and one wide band in the bottom half. Crude ASCII diagram:





Show a function's definition below the autocomplete box.

Nick23 5 years ago 0

When you type a function name a small window should appear above/below the current line with the function's definition, like in Notepad++, instead of having to leave the current line/file when using the "goto anything @". This could be expanded to include library functions as well as user-defined functions.


Change code completion keys combination

Sylvain Verly 7 years ago 0

Add the possibility to move away from code completion dialog by pressing the same key combination it took to pop up that dialog. Currently its annoying that if you are not interested in those proposition, you have to grab your mouse and click away, or choose a random proposition to get that dialog disappear. Navigation should be done through arrows.


Open files/folders should not include extension when sorting alphabetically

Gëzim H 6 years ago 0

Currently, the open files list considers the whole file name when sorting the list alphabetically:

For example with these files, it would sort them like this:


A more appropriate way to sort them would be to not consider the extension, which would result in this:

For build systems, make it possible to use exact scope only rather than include partial matches

Alan Andersen 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 3
For example, I have two build systems, one for JSP's and one for .java files. I have my current build system set to automatic. My Java build system has a scope of source.java, and my JSP build system has a scope of text.html.jsp. In some areas in the JSP, it selects the java build system, and in other areas it selects the JSP build system. I realized this is because inside of scriptlets it counts as "source.java.embedded.html text.html.jsp" (hit ctrl-shift-alt-p for those who dont know, shows up in status bar), and since the source.java comes first, the java build system picks on up it. Clicking outside of scriptlets and hitting build chooses the correct one.

Could you add another option such as "use_exact_scope: true" or such so that a particular build system will only use the same scope specified?

OS X Lion full screen should make use of all monitors.

James Farwell 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2
It would be great if Full Screen and Distraction Free Mode on OS X Lion used all monitors instead of just one. For example, if the layout is 2 columns and the monitors are horizontally arranged, show 1 column on each screen. Or if the layout is 4 rows and the monitors are vertically arranged, show 2 rows on each screen. etc.

MRU when using Cmd+T

Felipe Coury 7 years ago 0
One of the features that I use the most in TextMate is the ability to jump between most recent used files using Cmd+T.

Here's how it works in TM: if you are editing file A and you do Cmd+T and select B.

Now when you are editing B and hit Cmd+T, it show a list with A first, then B, then the other files.

Let's say I pick C, it will now show B as the first option, then A and then C, followed by the other files.

This is a kind of Cmd+Tab for the editor.

Completion API

gearheart 7 years ago • updated by kutu 6 years ago 1

I want to write a pluging which will supplement default completion list with words from other files.

Where can I read about completions API?
Is there a way to supplement completions, not replace them completely?

Thank you

Haskell: permit comments in module definitions

Edward Amsden 6 years ago 0
Sublime does not properly highlight comments in module definitions:

For example:

module Foo (
 -- comment
 -- comment
) where

is valid Haskell, but Sublime highlights the comments as declarations.

vi style subl +line_number from command line

mrmachine 6 years ago • updated by Sven Axelsson 6 years ago 1

The `nose-progressive` plugin has a great feature that displays your $EDITOR then +line_number then the file that triggered a test failure, so you can just triple click the line then copy and paste to open the file at the correct line number. This +line_number syntax appears to be supported by vi, bbedit and many other editors, but not by the `subl` command. Could you please add this?


Backpacker Visa Guide to Southeast Asia

Andrew McCartney 4 years ago 0
As a backpacker in Southeast Asia crossing borders becomes a regular undertaking. Each country has a different rule of entry and some countries will require you to apply for a visa before you travel. As visa requirements often change, for travellers in South East Asia it can be difficult to plan things like budget and duration of travel. Here, we’ve done our best to compile the latest visa information in South East Asia to make it easier for you to plan your trip! Please be aware that information regarding visas is particularly vulnerable to change and make sure you check. if you have new knowledge of a change in border crossing information! If you have new information, blog it here. Backpacker Visa Guide

Westhill Consulting Career & Employment out of Australia has useful blogs for up-to-date information as well as many other sites.

Brunei Darussalam:

Nationals of most European countries (this includes 25 countries in the European Union), Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and New Zealand do not need to apply for a Tourist Visa for visits of up to 30 days.

USA citizens can stay for up to 90 days.

Citizens of Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Norway will receive a 14 day entry.

Other nationalities need to apply for a visa in advance which takes 1-3 days to process. For single entry, the visa costs B$20 or multiple entry B$30. If you require a multiple entry visa for a period longer than three days the cost will be B$50.

72 hour transit visas are also available for most nationalities provided that the traveller can show a ticket for an onward destination.

Passports must be valid for up to 6 months before entering and the embassy recommends that you travel with at least two unused pages in your passport.

Visa Renewal: Visas can be renewed at embassies in Bandar Seri Bagawan.


Most nationalities can obtain a one month tourist Visa upon arrival which costs around $20.

At land border crossings, notably the Thai/Cambodian border, the fee can be more expensive as the cost is paid in Thai baht and is sometimes rounded up considerably (currently 1200 baht).

You will need two passport photos to apply, or you will be charged extra (usually only $1-2).

Passports must be valid for up to 6 months before entering.

Here, you can pre-order your visa for a set price of $25 set price ($20 visa and $5 processing charge). You will need a digital photo of yourself to upload. Processing takes three days and you will get the visa straight to your mailbox.

See official website for up to date info on which borders support the E-visa as not all of the crossings take it yet.

Visa extension:Visa extensions can be obtained at Phnom Penh immigration office – opposite the International Airport. Tourist visas can be extended one month (around US$35). Some guest houses and travel agencies will also offer the service for a fee. For longer extensions ask for details at the Immigration Office.

East Timor:

Nationals from most European countries, Australia, Canada and the USA do not need to arrange a visa in advance.

Visas must be applied for in advance, as they are no longer granted on the land border.
Passports must be valid for up to 6 months before entering.

It is important to note that there are no currency exchange facilities at the airport or other border posts, so you will need to take cash before you travel.

Visa extension:Visas can be extended for 30 days, costing up to $45. You must have a valid reason for staying.

Penalty for late departure:Penalties range from $70 – $150 US Dollars if the period does not exceed 30 days.


For visa extentions, go to the Jakarta Indonesia immigration office.

Nationals of Australia, Canada, USA, UK and most European countries are eligible for a 30 day visa upon entry, which costs around $25 USD (cost varies depending on point of entry). Payments can be made in US Dollars only.

Please note – the previous $10, 7-day visa is no longer available.

You will need 2 passport photographs and your passport must be valid for up to 6 months before entering.

Penalty for late departure:Up to $20 / day. For more than 60 days overstay travellers risk deportation or imprisonment.


Most nationalities can obtain a 30 day visa for Laos at international airports and land border crossings.

The cost ranges from $20 – $42, depending on your nationality.

At the Thailand/Laos border (Nong Khai – Vientiane) if you pay in Thai baht fees can be more expensive.

You will need 2 passport photos and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entering.

Visa extension:Visa extensions can be applied for at the Vientiane Immigration Office, which costs US$2 / day for 30 days. Extensions can also be obtained from some travel agents for around US$3. 90 day extensions are available, ask at the embassy for details. Warning, do not use “fixers” for visa extentions as it is usually a scam.

Penalty for late departure:Up to US$10/day. Long overstays can lead to arrest and imprisonment.


Most nationalities are granted a free 30-90 day Visa upon arrival at international airports and border crossings.

The cost ranges from $20-42, depending on your nationality.

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months upon entering.

Please note that Sarawak is a semi-autonomous state and upon entry your passport will be stamped and a new pass issued.

Visa extension:Visas can be extended at Immigration offices in Malaysia. Fees depend on intended duration of stay.


Visa free entry is available at some border crossings for a short period. If you are going for the day to renew your Thailand Visa for example, you must enter and exit on the same day. Fees are around US$10 (depending on security situation, overland border crossings are frequently closed. Be sure to check the security situation before you travel).

Longer visas should be arranged in advance at a travel agency or Myanmar Embassy. In Bangkok, at the Myanmar Embassy the cost is 810 Thai baht for a 28 day visa, taking three days to process. It is possible to pay extra (around 300 baht) to fast track the process to one day.

Like the Vietnam visa, the cost depends on where you are and how long you mind waiting. It can range from $20 – $50. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and you will need two passport photos.

Visa extension:It is possible to extend your visa for up to 14 days in Yangon. Ask at embassy for details of costs.


Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the UK and most other European countries are granted either a 14 or 30-day tourist pass upon entry to Singapore.

Duration of pass depends on nationality and point of entry. USA citizens receive 90 days. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entering and you may need an onward ticket.
Visa extension:Extensions of up to 90 days can be applied for at the consulate in Singapore.


Most nationalities, including Americans, Australians and most Europeans receive a free 30 day tourist visa upon arrival into Thailand by air. However, if arriving by land you will only receive 15 days.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entering.

Penalty for late departure:500 baht/day. The maximum fine for overstay that you can pay is 20,000 baht after this you may face deportation at your own cost or imprisonment.

Visa extension:Visas can be renewed for a fee at immigration points. The cost is 1900 baht for 7 days extra and it can be extended only once. If you leave the country and return, your visa will be renewed for free. You can exit and re-enter the country as many times as you like this way and most travel agents can arrange border runs to neighbouring countries.


Visas for entering Vietnam must be arranged in advance. You can do this at the Vietnamese embassies in whichever country you are in and some travel agencies also offer the service.

The service will email you a letter of approval before you travel which you must show to the airline before you board the plane. When you arrive at the airport then you must show the letter, pay a fee of $10 USD and receive your visa. You will not be allowed to board the flight if you do not show either a visa approval letter / or a valid visa.

Depending on where you apply for it and how long you mind waiting, (on average from 1 day to 4 days), the Vietnam visa can cost anywhere between $35 and $65 for a 30 day visa. You will need one passport sized photograph and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entering.

You can also apply for 90 day visas, which have been issued for more than a year, costing US $100.00.

If you apply via Vietnam Airlines, the initial application for a single entry visa will cost $18, then a further $25 “stamping fee” will be charged on arrival in the airport, when you collect the visa. The $18 gets you a letter of approval, which must be printed out and taken to show the Airlines when boarding the plane. The letter, along with two passport photos and $25 in cash, must then be given to the Immigration Office upon arrival in return for your visa.

Visa extension: 30 day extensions can be obtained from travel agents in Hanoi, HCMC or Danang. The process can take up to 5 days and the fee is usually US$30.

Allow me to ignore certain files/directories only in the Find in Files dialog

Colby Blaisdell 6 years ago • updated by Fredrik Ehnbom 6 years ago 1
When I'm running a find across my entire project I never want to search in my logs as well. It's frustrating when my logs have hundreds or thousands of references to a particular string, and I only want to see that string in the application code itself.

Typing a find term (when replacing text) should not clear selection

Brian Kim 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1
When I am trying to do a search and replace on a selection, typing a find/search term clears my selection as it highlights the first match in the selection. This is really annoying as I then have to recreate my selection.

Search erroneously reports the "selection".

Sean Vikoren 5 years ago 0

I has selected 'isSupportedProviderNameKey ' from a web page, and then searched the project for this token, not noticing that there was a space, but the line in the Find pane read 'Searching "isSupportedProviderNameKey"', omitting the trailing space.  Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce this and did not think to screen shot it, but thought it would be nice to have it documented anyway.


Macro doesn't record copy command

aristidesfl 7 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2

I tried to create a macro which copies the current line.

The macro didn't recognize the commands and doesn't allow me to save it.