Problem with tab completion

Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 1
I really appreciate your efforts in tab completion but I continuously run into "wrong" completions instead of getting a tab or couple of spaces inserted. How can I change it back to only support snippets? I would then bind the best-completion-thingy to another key..
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
Done in 2033

Sidebar find

John Turknett 6 years ago • updated by John Drummond 6 years ago 1
Currently when you perform a find search and highlight matches, it shows a tiny little highlight in the minimap. That is hard to see, it would be better to highlight the whole row.

Hoist Folders in Sidebar

r.taiidani 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
It would be very nice to be able to 'hoist' folders in the sidebar, similar to the Hoist functionality on lineitems in OmniOutliner.

This would allow you to change the root of the folder in the sidebar without the inconvenience of removing and re-adding the folder. It would also be helpful for Sublime projects to remember the current level and root level.

Find is broken in last version (2710) on Ubuntu.

Adrian Olaru 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I can't even type what I wanna find...I can only type one letter...

OCCATIONAL BOOKINGS: Westhill Consulting Rooms

Michele Rouze 4 years ago 0
Occasional bookings:
£14.50 an hour
Regular bookings:
weekly hours:
1-4 £13.70 an hour
5-9 £12.95 an hour
10-14 £12.20 an hour
15-19 £11.45 an hour
20-24 £10.70 an hour
25 and more £ 9.95 an hour

£20.00 an hour
£120.00 a day

All prices include VAT

Welcome: Westhill House HighGate Consulting Rooms
The consulting rooms are located in West Hill House, a quiet building in Swain's Lane, set back from the road. Swain's Lane is one of Highgate's most charming streets. It is within 50 metres of Hampstead Heath and with easy access to bus, train and underground. Local restaurants and cafés add to the friendly, village atmosphere.


Ability to separate colors of fix size...

Muhlis Murat Akay 7 years ago 0

Ability to separate colors of fix size.. For example; in some ASCII formatted files, first 34 chars mean header with color1, 1024 chars mean message data with color2, 12 chars mean tail with color3. I couldn't find this. is there any way to do this?


Launch in...

Andres Garcia 6 years ago 0
Shouldn't there be a way to launch code in different browsers? Sort of how Notepad++ does it (in Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)

right click context menu include command palette command items

jaychou 6 years ago 0

it would be great if you guys add command palette menu when right clicking above blocked / selected text so I can easily add comment block or line

thank you


SublimeEdit is behaving like TextMate: Cmd + T is slow

Brad Gessler 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 0
On dev build 2052 Cmd + T on the mac is really slow and the dreaded "beach ball" is displayed.
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
Resolved in 2053

Softer wrapping

Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago 0

Normally if "Word Wrap" is enabled, everything gets wrapped at a certain column.

The idea is to have a switch to enable softer wrapping. This would not break words or lines of dashes / asterisks which are too big for the rest of the line. It would only break on word_separators. One could then modify this var if necessary - e.g. not breaking ascii tables.
A problem which I see here is that Sublime would somehow have to guess how big the paragraph is or something like that.

Another idea would be the possibility to mark certain lines as unwrappable - either via syntax definition or view commands.

Personally I kind of prefer the latter one.


Gold prices advance on rising physical demand, mixed U.S. data

kevin callix 5 years ago 0

Investing.com - Gold prices posted hefty gains on Friday on reports that physical demand is picking up, while uncertainty over the fate of monetary stimulus programs in the U.S. bolstered the precious metal's safe haven appeal.

On the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for December delivery traded at USD1,378.40 during U.S. afternoon hours, up 1.29%.

Gold prices hit a session low of USD1,357.10 a troy ounce and high of USD1,379.10 a troy ounce.

The December contract settled up 2.06% at USD1,360.90 a troy ounce on Thursday.

Gold futures were likely to find support at USD1,315.40 a troy ounce, Wednesday's low, and resistance at USD1,391.35, the high from June 17.

Reports that physical demand for gold is on the rise in Asia bolstered prices on Friday amid technical buying.

Elsewhere a mixed bag of U.S. economic indicators began to fuel sentiments that the U.S. economy is recovery but at a sluggish clip, and an eventual Federal Reserve decision to begin tapering monetary stimulus measures will take place so gradually that gold will still enjoy monetary support for the long term.

Monetary stimulus programs such as the Fed's USD85 billion in monthly asset purchases tend to weaken the dollar by driving down long-term interest rates, which makes gold an attractive venue as long as such tools remain in place even if at a lesser amount.

Gold and the dollar tend to trade inversely from one another.

The Commerce Department reported earlier that U.S. building permits rose 2.7% to 943,000 units in July, just shy of expectations for a 2.9% increase to 945,000 units although June's figure was revised up to 918,000 units from 911,000.

The government added that housing starts rose 5.9% to 896,000 units in July, missing expectations for a 8.3% increase to 900,000 units. Still, June's figure was revised up to 846,000 units from 836,000.

Elsewhere, the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan's preliminary consumer sentiment index fell to 80.0 in August from 85.1 in July. Analysts were expecting the index to rise to 85.5 this month.

Not all U.S. data missed expectations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said in a preliminary report that nonfarm productivity rose 0.9% in the second quarter, beating expectations for a 0.6% gain after a 1.7% decline in the previous quarter.

Also on the Comex, silver for September delivery was up 1.57% at USD23.295 a troy ounce, while copper for September delivery was up 0.82% and trading at USD3.365 a pound.





Jakarta Travel Guide

Leonie Blau 4 years ago 0
For the majority of its residents, Jakarta is a city of promise. The lure of jobs and a better life has caused the city’s population to escalate at an alarming rate, to more than 10 million. Visually unprepossessing, this is a city of monotonous skyscrapers, apartment buildings, shopping malls and traffic-choked highways, with few green spaces to break things up. More positively, the nation’s largest metropolis has a rich cultural life, with an abundance of performing and visual arts, and a laid-back, courteous persona.

Capital to the world’s fourth most populous nation, Jakarta is a city that verges on the chaotic. Just south of the harbour on Jakarta Bay and Ancol recreation park is Kota, the old Batavia area, where remnants of Dutch colonial rule reside. Heading south are Pecinan (Chinatown) and busy Glodok, the electronics, gadget and computer centre of the city. A major north–south artery, Jalan Hayam Wuruk merges into Jalan Gajah Mada, lined with shops, restaurants, hotels and nightlife, ending at Monas (Freedom Square) in the heart of Central Jakarta.

The busy Jalan Thamrin-Sudirman corridor, south of Monas, is one of two major Central Business Districts (CBDs), a wall of glimmering glass and steel with some of the most interesting high-rise architecture in Southeast Asia. Creeping in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the thoroughfare in turn connects with Jalan Rasuna Said and Gatot Subroto, the second CBD and a golden triangle for national and international companies, banks, hotels, shopping malls and embassies.

Surrounding the city mayhem on all sides are residential areas, ranging from upper- and middle-class streets to the most basic shanties. Scattered throughout are pockets that seem frozen in time, including diminutive residential districts with market gardens and makeshift kampung (village) dwellings that impart something of a village atmosphere to many back alleys. | Also, see the Westhill Consulting Travel Insight Guide Overview Destination Jakarta.

Places to visit in Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa Harbour

The city’s history began at the old spice trading seaport of Sunda Kelapa Harbour. Early morning is the best time to walk along the 2km (1.25 mile) wharf among the ships’ prows and gangways and witness one of the world’s last remaining commercial sailing fleets. Filled with the romance of a bygone era, watch the unloading of cargo from the majestic wooden pinisi schooners built by the seafaring Bugis people of South Sulawesi.

The area around Sunda Kelapa is rich in history, and the best way to survey the area is on foot. Near the river stands a 19th-century Dutch lookout tower (Uitkik), constructed on the site of the original customs house of Jayakarta. Behind the lookout stands a long two-storey structure dating from VOC times, now the Museum Bahari (Maritime Museum). This warehouse, now a maritime museum, was built by the Dutch in 1646 and was used to store coffee, tea and Indian cloth. Inside are displays of traditional sailing craft from all corners of the Indonesian archipelago, as well as some old maps of Batavia.

The Old City

The area known as Kota in the old Batavia quarter came to life in the 1620s as a tiny, walled town modelled on Amsterdam. Most of the original settlement – Old Batavia – was demolished at the beginning of the 19th century. Only the town square area survived and has been restored and renamed Taman Fatahillah (Fatahillah Square). Three of the surrounding colonial edifices have been converted into museums, and the main square bustles at weekends with street entertainers, old-fashioned bicycle rentals, artists and food vendors.

The Museum Sejarah Jakarta (Jakarta History Museum; closed for renovations until 2014) was formerly Batavia’s city hall (Stadhuis), completed in 1710 and used by successive governments until the 1960s. It now houses memorabilia from the colonial period, notably 18th-century furnishings and portraits of the VOC governors, along with many prehistoric, classical and Portuguese-period artefacts.

The Museum Seni Rupa (Fine Arts Museum) occupies the former Court of Justice building, completed in 1879. Its collections include paintings and sculptures by modern Indonesian artists, and an important exhibition of rare porcelain, featuring many Sung celadon pieces from the Adam Malik collection, ancient Javanese water jugs (kendhi), and terracotta pieces dating from the 14th century.

Freedom Square

A 137-metre (450ft) tall marble obelisk is set in the centre of Medan Merdeka (Freedom Square). There is an observation deck at the top surmounted by a 14-metre (45ft) bronze flame sheathed in 33kg (73lbs) of gold symbolising the spirit of freedom. It was commissioned by Sukarno and completed in 1961 – a combination Olympic Flame-Washington Monument with the phallic overtones of an ancient Hindu-Javanese lingga. The National History Museum in the basement contains 12 dioramas depicting historical scenes from a nationalistic viewpoint. A high-speed elevator rises to the observation deck, where on a clear day there is a fabulous 360-degree view of Jakarta.

Mesjid Istiqlal

The imposing white-marble Mesjid Istiqlal (Istiqlal Mosque) on Jalan Veteran is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and was built on the former site of the Dutch Benteng (Fort) Noordwijk. During the Islamic fasting month, Ramadan, the mosque is filled to capacity. Tours of the mosque are available.

National Museum

On the west side of Medan Merdeka lies one of Indonesia’s great cultural treasures, the National Museum. Known as Museum Gajah because of the bronze elephant statue in front, presented by King Chulalongkorn of Siam, it was opened in 1868 by the Batavian Society for Arts and Sciences – the first scholarly organisation in colonial Asia, founded in 1778. The museum houses valuable collections of antiquities, books and ethnographic artefacts acquired by the Dutch during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Objects of interest include Hindu-Javanese stone statuary, prehistoric bronzeware and Chinese porcelain. The star collection is housed in the Treasure Room – a stupendous hoard of royal Indonesian heirlooms. The Ceramics Room features the largest collection of Southeast Asian ceramics under one roof.

Horoscope - Corrigendum

iria calixto 4 years ago 0
At the request of one of the leading business magazines present corrected Horoscope for business. appeared in print a number of errors involving the incorrect fitting of Hitler's chart recommendations to the signs of the zodiac. So here is a list of corrections:

Recommendation for AQUARIUS:

In order to achieve promotion, work more efficiently.

properly applies to people under the sign BRIDE. Dear Aquarius, if this week worked effectively, hoping for a promotion, editors are not incurred because of this injury. Next:

Recommendation for TWINS:

This week, your boss will pay attention to your ideas.

This situation has BULL. Twin, if you think your boss but this week APPLIED attention to your ideas, it was a coincidence.

Recommendation erroneously ascribed to persons under the sign of Aries:

Please note if you do not take on too much. Take only those tasks that you have a chance to finish.

Of course, the recommendation only applies to shooters. Dear Aries, unnecessarily ograniczałeś last week.

FISH read: One of the meetings, which will be invited this week will be important for your career.

Well, unfortunately not. What else Capricorn - they had the opportunity to go to such a meeting.

MISS read, supposedly: This week, a person from another department asks you for help - it's worth fulfill her request, and even exceed her expectations and to offer specific support fixed.

Dear Miss, typical pixie printing ... What else You, CANCER. Well, if RAK read in last week's horoscope:

Take care this week, especially for refreshing news in your field - at the end of the week will be an opportunity to be demonstrated.

CANCER unnecessarily.

At the same time the editors did not rule out further corrections. Not responsible for erroneous activity due to the strict treatment of the recommendations of the horoscope BUSINESS. Makes every effort to ensure that the recommendations are accurate and adequately supported the decisions of professional readers.

For further recommendation visit:
Training and Mentoring

Don’t have an appetite for risk? Settle for multi-cap schemes

adea stimmen 4 years ago 0
Don’t get shocked if you hear demeaning remarks coming from your financial advisor next time like you are better off in a multi-cap fund if you don’t have the stomach for mid or small-cap funds. Today many advisors are playing it safe as they were facing a regular complain about the abysmal performance of small- and mid-cap investments from their clients.

What they were informing the clients are to try to find refuge in multi-cap funds if they can’t stomach volatility in small- and mid-cap schemes. The fund manager in a mutli-cap scheme has the liberty to change between market caps basing on the market circumstances and nothing like small and midcap schemes. westhill consulting

While the multi-cap cap category has retuned around 3%, the mid- and small-cap category has returned around 0.1% in the past one year. ”The mid- and small-cap category has a tendency to underperform the broad market at regular intervals.

For instance, the category is in the chucks in the same one and three-year periods. It has returned positively only in the five-year period,” says an investment consultant, who doesn’t want to be named. As per Value Research, a mutual fund tracking firm, the mid- and small-cap category has given a negative return of 2.6% in the three-year period.

Nonetheless, it has delivered around 18.8% in the five-year period. “Some clients just can’t be convinced that these schemes still have the potential to deliver superior returns, as they may lead the next rally.
That is why we started telling them to stay away from mid- and small-cap schemes and opt for multi-cap schemes,” he adds.

Dhruva Raj Chatterji, senior investment consultant, India, Morningstar Investment Management, says mid- and small-cap category is meant only for investors with a higher risk appetite. “This segment was badly hammered in June-July and also in the last year. It also didn’t recover in the recent rally that started sometime in September-October. That is why the performance of these schemes looks very bad from a three-year perspective,” he says. “The category always tends to suffer more in a bad market.

But they also give exceptional return in a particular year.” His prescription — investors without a higher risk appetite, stomach for volatility and longer investment timeframe should stay away from the mid- and small-cap sector.



Michele Rouze 4 years ago 0
Welcome: Westhill House HighGate Consulting Rooms
The consulting rooms are located in West Hill House, a quiet building in Swain's Lane, set back from the road. Swain's Lane is one of Highgate's most charming streets. It is within 50 metres of Hampstead Heath and with easy access to bus, train and underground. Local restaurants and cafés add to the friendly, village atmosphere.
Full-time receptionist and support staff
Purpose-built for individual and group psychotherapy
Architect-designed and elegantly furnished
All lighting and heating supplied from renewable sources
Fully ventilated
Entryphones to all rooms
Waiting areas
Rent by hour or session
Daytime, evenings and weekends, 7 days a week
Broadband free of charge
West Hill House


You call this support? Your forum is a fucking joke.

fr itz 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 1

Why even have a forum if you don't answer people's queries, don't have a 'forgotten password', and don't reply to keyword queries? What a joke.



Westhill Consulting - Mannento Mori

Jhennifer Fink 4 years ago 0
I do not know about you, but I love the humor Wojciech Mann.One of the nicest moments of the week this morning "snippets of Activities" in the Trinity before 9TA morning when driving to work listening to Mr. Wojciech przekomarzajacego of Bukartykiem.Yes, it is there established hit "Women like flowers" ... What's interesting every morning, full of smart giggle broadcast editor Mann ends with the words: "Thank you for today, and if all goes well, we will hear on Sunday."

But what does it mean "How everything goes well ..."?Mr. Editor, is less than two days, what's going to happen?After the first moment of surprise, comes reflection: Well, a lot can happen ...

This kind of Memento Mori, you can (and should) be taken literally, but it has a dimension of trade.Are you ready for change?And what if on Monday will no longer be your position?In what state is your resume?Is the date zbierałeś testimonials from clients written on LinkedIn or Goldenline, or only now desperately begin to accumulate contacts?

Or not to be gloomy, what if tomorrow you get to realize a new, very interesting project?What about those things that realizowałeś so far?Is it them who take over?I had a few situations in life when working for many months managed to create something cool, but took care of succession.Sorry had to look that no successor projects are prepared natural erosion and processes without fixed guards become outdated ...

This is actually not such a rare situations.Editor Mann has survived many such stories.Despite the years, is not subjected to the routine, but it is always ready for a change.How to tell Spencer Johnson, author of "Who Moved My Cheese", Editor's always in sweats and sneakers.And you?Are you ready for change?It should be: Memento Mori!

A nice terminal integration feature using Distributed Objects or apple events to talk to (or instantiate and talk to) Sublime Text 2.

Ian Baird 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 1

This is the best (and only way) to achieve seamless terminal integration on OS X. Pretty much it's a separate shell utility which is a DO client for your app (which is a DO server). It then pipes data to it, tells it to open a file, etc.

This is how the TextMate "mate" utility and the BBEdit "bbedit" shell tools work.

Jon Skinner 7 years ago
Please take a look at http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/osx_command_line.html
Not a bug

Windows roaming profile junk

Julian Gamble 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 0
Sublime text 1 left 5 meg in my roaming profile on a windows active directory domain. Please provide a way to specify the location that the custom files get saved to - this is a showstopper in the corporate environment. 
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
You can use the portable version to ensure nothing outside the application folder gets written to

Switch Project Ctl-Alt-P stopped working

Scott Bowers 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 1

On Ubuntu 12.04 x64.