Incorrectly scoped php snippets

atomi 7 years ago 0
Some php snippets are scoped text.html and show up in jsp/cfm and other files. Shouldn't they all be just source.php?

Using TextMate as a CSS editor

Carlos KOALABS 6 years ago 0
Using TextMate as a CSS editor is not ideal in the moment, because TextMate uses Autocomplete as if you were writing html, and anytime you try to style a tag, it autocompletes. Autocompletes should take into account the file type (which it actually does pretty well, only not with CSS and HTML)

ST2 Does not remember correct indentation

zach nawar 7 years ago 0
How to recreate:
Write a function or something that causes ST2 to automatically add indentation the next time you press enter.
Keep pressing enter a few times so you cursor is now a few lines below where you have last typed. Your cursor should still be indented.
Press your up arrow key, the cursor will move up a line and lose all indentation.

Line numbers rendered incorrectly in folded text

Sven Axelsson 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Two line numbers seems to be rendered on top of each other at the end of a fold, like this: https://skitch.com/sven/g1ebi/linenumberovertype

This is in build 2148.

Westhill Consulting Jakarta: What You Need to Know About IPO Investments

vanessa kornilova 4 years ago 0
1888 Press Release - Westhill Consulting is an international financial advisory firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Below is a guide to Initial Public Offerings (IPO's) intended to simplify the jargon and remove the fear that IPO's involve higher risk as compared to usual investments.

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A simple description of an IPO includes the fact that you're buying a business that is just entering the open marketplace. The moment the IPO is released to the public is the first time anyone has the ability to buy the company openly, and this will surely give you a good idea on where the stock itself resides when it comes to the value of the offering. You can wage it is preparing for a large rise in its value because they are just releasing their stock to the public.

Though most of the Initial Public Offering stocks skyrocket after they are first released, you must keep in mind that they are hardly a definite investment. Because of this, there are several factors you must definitely examine before you place your capital into this type of investment.

match_brackets should work inside quotes

chocolate.camera 6 years ago 0

Even if I have "match_brackets": true, in my Preferences, pairs of brackets are not highlighted when they are inside quotes.

That scenario is rather usual in XSL, such as:

<value-of select="concat('foo',substring-after('foobar','foo'))"/>

project folders view moves up and down when collapsing folders

Objective Sheep 6 years ago 0
The project folder is not "fixed". Most often than not, when opening a lot of folders so that the scrollbar is outside the visibile bounds, collapsing some of them again moves the project folders view completely. I think the correct behaviour would be that anything above the sourcetree item I am folding stays exactly where it is. It looks like the whole scrollbar is repositioned. This is often confusing and I have to spend a second or two finding my way again.

Please move the find dialogs and any other to the top instead of the bottom or allow its customization as a preference, thank you.

David McGuigan 6 years ago 0
For high-resolution monitors it's a lot of extra work and less comfort to look way down at the bottom of the window where your attention rarely is, contrasted to the top where you're constantly reading tab file names and interacting with Ctrl + P, thanks.

Ctrl-K doesn't quite do what emacs users would expect

David Alexander 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 1
Ctrl-K, in emacs (or, on OS X, in the many applications, such as TextEdit, that have emacs-compatible bindings), kills the current line from the cursor to the end of line; invoking Ctrl-K again, the cursor remains fixed but the EOL is killed, bringing the text of the next line up in front of the cursor.

SublimeText handles the first Ctrl-K correctly*, but subsequent Ctrl-K's cause ST to delete a letter backwards---which I find bizarre.

* Not quite correctly: it doesn't place the killed line in a kill buffer. Even lowly TextEdit seems to do this: try Ctrl-K, then Ctrl-Y

I laud your efforts to make SublimeText more friendly to Emacs refugees.
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
This is fixed in dev build 2024 (http://www.sublimetext.com/dev or http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1656).

There's also now a kill ring and marks in this build.

support for pik, rvm, and rbenv

Shane Knysh 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Support for multi ruby environments would be a fantastic addition. I personally use rbenv but pik for windows and rvm are also very popular. 

Filename bias in Goto File/Anything string matching

Stian Grytøyr 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 6
Introduce a touch of filename bias in the code that produces the Goto File/Anything result lists, maybe with an even stronger bias for matches at the beginning of word parts in the filename.

If I type "app con" in the Goto File overlay, I get the following matches:

* priorities_controller.rb
* projects_controller.rb
* accounts_controller.rb
* application_controller.rb
* ...

The first three match because the path is .../app/controllers/..., but I think most people would like to see "application_controller.rb" at the top of the list if they type in "app con".

Add the "config" extension to the list of XML file formats in XML.tmLanguage

Ove Andersen 7 years ago 0

As the title says.


Ability to push current file stream to external command

Donald Organ 6 years ago 0
For instance in gedit on linux I can setup a plugin to push the current file contents to a given program such as php so that i can run a php -l on the current contents

Project Panel Collapsible

Nguyen Tam 7 years ago 0

An Project Manager panel should be collapsible and expandable


Include trailing characters in a Snippet

Gitter 7 years ago 0
In javascript, when you type parens or curlys, they are auto-closed for you.  It would be nice to have a snippet like this:

    <description>Ext Config</description>

Problem is you can't include any trailing characters in a snippet, only the trigger text is included, so I have to leave off the ending and add the semicolon myself.

Option to allocate tabs or spaces for certain file types

Tom Turton 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 2
In cases of YAML files certainly, tabs cannot be used. At the moment I have to manually put in spaces, save and close the file and then reopen so that tabs automatically become spaces.
Maybe in the case of YAML and other strict formats, Sublime Text 2 should force spaces/tabs?

snippets dont lose focus if you move away with the cursor

jaap groeneveld 7 years ago • updated by Luke Scott 7 years ago 3
if you activate a snippet and you dont tab through all options and then move away with your cursor and try to tab to activate another snippet or just to indent, the cursor will jump back to a tab position in the first snippet.

so you have to tab through all options of a snippet to be able to use the tab key again.

Have a clipboard stack or history

adzenith 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 3
I'd like to be able to copy multiple pieces of text and then paste them all.

When opening from CLI, create new projects for folders that do not yet have projects

cz 7 years ago 0
Create a new project for a folder that does not yet have a project, or open the most recently opened project for a folder that already has a project, when opening Sublime Text 2 from the CLI.

Sublime text new version bug on using C++

Andrew Angelo Barrientos 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2

The new version of Sublime text has an unknown bug on using C++...
It doesn't build and run, it says: "Can't find file specified" or something like that...

I copied the codes I wrote and transferred it in Dev-C++ and it ran..

So I think the developers might want to read this topic and fix the bug...