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Westhill Know-how for UNICORN

carry out non-profitowy consulting project for the Association of Oncology Support Unicorn, acting on behalf of cancer patients and their support persons. As part of our collaboration will help the Association to build a long-term development strategy. The main challenge for Unicornu is to maintain and optimal use of the resulting beginning of the 2014 years of the Marshal of the Malopolska Region Training Centre "Green Down" . This is a difficult business project, so we decided to support the Association of our know-how. As part of the collaboration board of the Association receives support from us in strategic management and management of current activities and volunteer management. We hope that through the knowledge and experience of our consultants will develop in association "Green Dole" both existing statutory activities as well as new projects. Consultant dedicated to the project is Monika Juśkiewicz.

Noble team Westhill

Like last year joined the Team Noble packages . Through this project, the Christmas season is not only intenstywny, but valuable. Again we find that giving receives more than bestowing!

Project LEGEND!
Westhill Consulting for the third year in a row is a guest at the time of the Polish National Exhibition of Higher Schools. In our lectures involving more than 150 graduates. What a representative of the generation X can say Gen Y? PROJECT LEGEND! very pleased to undertake the conduct of such lectures. And so between us ... Emotions and stress before the audience is larger than the pursuit of strategic workshops for corporate board!