Customisable shortcuts for build tools

Rodney Amato 9 years ago 0
For PHP files I have at least 3 build tools configure :-

  • One for doing a lint style syntax check
  • One for running the code in the current file
  • One for running php code sniffer for validating the coding standards on the current file.
I'd like to be able to configure shortcut keys so that I can fire off any of these build tool without having to remember to switch between each build tool. For example if I was writing a script, I might want to do a syntax check of the script and then if that is ok run it afterwards (this could apply to php, perl, ruby, python etc.). Having to remember to switch build tools gets in the way of this kind of usage.

I can see this coming in handy for other things like being able to run unit tests or integrating with your workflow (rsyncing the current file to a test server for example) as well.

It might be worth setting a few defaults for common tasks if this goes in too for the most common of the tasks like syntax checks, executing the current file and running tests for the current project.