Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


FTP integration like the sftp puglin

Felipe Santos 7 years ago • updated by Phillip Boushy 5 years ago 1

 Connect and upload files thru FTP from whithin SB2


Sort files in sidebar by modification time

Clayton Hynfield 6 years ago • updated by Andrew Yurisich 5 years ago 4
Being able to sort files in the sidebar by modification time would make it super-easy to find and edit recently and frequently modified files, without ever having to leave Sublime Text.  Would be especially handy for folders with lots of files.

vertical ruler color setting

jan otte 7 years ago • updated by Jerome Indefenzo 7 months ago 1

 Thanks very much for implementing the 'gutterForeground' setting in build 2020. Allowing setting the colour of line numbers to other than a modified version of the 'foreground' setting is awesome.

Would it be possible to do the same for the vertical ruler colour setting?

In some uses having a vertical rule establishing the tab settings is very useful and for that case I would like to set a colour a shade or two away from the background so the readability of the text is maintained.

In some uses the ruler being brightly highlighted would be ideal.

If I was able to set the ruler colour then these different cases could be handled better than the current fixed setting allows.

Thanks for any time considering this and especially for any time implementing it if you choose to do so.


FTP synchronize projects like dreamweaver

Renzo Zamora 7 years ago • updated by chaos1 6 years ago 6
Allow save and upload files directly in the server. This allow also make fast web projects

Show tab trigger for snippets

Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 1
One cannot see which tab triggers have been defined when browsing the snippets menu. It would be nice to see them there, too.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
In 2165, the snippets menu has been replaced with the Command Palette, which does show the tab trigger

Prompt if need elevated permission to save on Windows (and Linux if that also doesn't work)

imperfect 5 years ago • updated by Luis Raúl Medina 1 year ago 16

This has already been added for OS X, but not for Windows (at least Windows 7 x64) and possibly not for Linux.

ST should automatically ask for admin password, if not already running as admin, when saving to a folder that requires admin privileges.

Created this new topic as other ones are already marked as completed.

Here is link to previous completed suggestion: 27820-prompt-if-need-elevated-permission-to-save


Switch to GTK3 for smooth scrolling

Eren Tantekin 6 years ago 0

Using GTK3 would enable offering smooth scrolling with touchpad for Linux users, similar to Gedit on Gnome.


View current git branch in titlebar

Eric Hamiter 7 years ago • updated by opensas opensas 6 years ago 9
Confirming which git branch I'm in at a glance would be spectacular. Mock-up here:

please add xsd validation for xml files and autocomplete

ceeblet 4 years ago 0
if an xml file has an xsd designation that is accessible (i.e. in same directory as the xml file) it would be wonderful to have the ability to validate against that xsd and also to have autocomplete as suggested by the xsd.

Fully functional SVN/Git

Jarod Taylor 7 years ago • updated by Petros Diveris 6 years ago 10

I've done some searching and have come up with nothing other than the current plugin that is lacking the rest of the SVN functionality. (

Would also love to see Git integrated into Sublime Text 2. Many of my projects use SVN and many use Git. I love that Textmate gives me the abilty to use both within the editor. 

This is and code folding are 2 things lacking from Sublime, but other wise I am LOVING it. Great job.