Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


EXTJS & Coldfusion Support

spark010 7 years ago • updated by atomi 6 years ago 4
Firstly can I just say what a superb editor Sublime is! Very impressive indeed. :D

Q: Are there any plans to support EXT JS 3/4 and CFML(Coldfusion)?

Add Ruby IRB console option for Ctrl+~

cz 7 years ago • updated by Tom Scott 6 years ago 3
Let user optionally choose to use Ruby instead of Python for the ctrl+~ console.

Code tidier/reindenter like ctrl+K,D does in visual studio

Chris Hulbert 7 years ago • updated by Richard Hurt 7 years ago 3
A shortcut to re-indent your code intelligently like ctrl+K,D does in Visual Studio, and Eclipse does.

Have the Sublime Text 2 icon sport a 2 somewhere

asmodai 7 years ago • updated by ybakos 7 years ago 1
Having both ST 1.4 and ST2 alpha pinned on my taskbar in Windows 7 is not helped by the fact that the icon for ST2 is indistinguishable from ST1. Some hint in the icon that it's 2 would help those of us who run them side-by-side.

Add Linux Menu Entries

Kevin Menard 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
It'd be great if Sublime Text 2 had a way of adding itself to the desktop menu entries list on Linux systems.  The JetBrains tools do this, for example, and it makes it a lot easier to launch the app.

Paste (super+v) should duplicate text if selection = pasted text

aristidesfl 7 years ago • updated 6 years ago 4

When you paste some text on top of a different piece of text, the selection gets replaced by the pasted text, and this is useful.

If the pasted text is equal to the selected text, nothing happens, thus not useful. 
What I purpose is to smarten up this behavior by evoking the duplicate command (super+shift+d) when the selected text is equal to the pasted text. 

This would allow for people to use Copy+Paste instead of having to learn a new shortcut (super+shift+d).

This ability would extend also to duplicate line should this related feature  get implemented along.

Ctrl+1..9 Tab navigation

Sergey Prymak 6 years ago • updated by Iulius Curt 5 years ago 1
Please make it possible to open first opened tabs by Ctrl+{tab number} shortcut.

A new search/replace dialog, the current one is unusable

Zic 7 years ago 0
I am constantly trying to use Sublime, but I always fail when I want to do a simple search and replace. I end up opening TextMate and copy all the text and do the search/replace then copy back the result.

API: Settings.set should cast strings to the appropriate type

guillermooo 7 years ago • updated by Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago 3
For example, Settings.set("word_wrap", "false") should be interpreted as Settings.set("word_wrap", False).

Shortcut to comment out a selected block of code

Chris Hulbert 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 0
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
Take a look at the Edit/Comment menu to see the key bindings that will do this.