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You can match multiple scopes with a single selector by using a comma, for example:

You can copy the file path from the context menu in the file
Escape not existing from visual mode is a regression in 2126, it'll be fixed in the next beta, or you can use the dev build ( to get the fix now
You can use the -a command line flag for this. The windows version has the functionality of the OSX command line tool built in, with the except of no support for --wait
Sublime Text is using the same indentation rules as Finder: if you remove the __init__.pyc file, then the two layouts will be identical, apart from the icons, which don't fundamentally change anything.
I am not able to replicate this, could you email the crash report to
Tabs width depends on the number of tabs, and the length of the file names - tabs will expand to show the full file name if possible
That wouldn't happen, as the tabs are different widths in Sublime Text
It sounds like you have a plugin installed that's causing this. Please follow these instructions:

This is what open_files_in_new_window does - check you've entered it into the right location (it's a global setting, rather than a file setting).

The time a new window should be created with open_files_in_new_window set to false is when Sublime Text is on a different desktop to the the current one