Place of files/folder in project tree is confused

Alexey Blinov 9 years ago updated by Thomas Thomassen 8 years ago 2

I have this project structure:

| project

|--|--plugins (folder)
|--|--|--hello_world (folder)
|--|--|--ping (folder

|--|--nomad.py (file)
|--|--plugin_loader.py (file)
|--vendor (folder)
And this is what i see in Project panel:
As you can see, it's not very clear that nomad.py and plugin_loader.py IS within src folder. Not within plugins folder... Maybe folder icons can help? Or some changes in alignments?
Sublime Text is using the same indentation rules as Finder: if you remove the __init__.pyc file, then the two layouts will be identical, apart from the icons, which don't fundamentally change anything.
Visually they are very different - since the arrows in finder is outside the list. Whatever the techincal implementation - the finder UI is much easier to read as the names of folder and files all line up - as oppose to Sublime where the files jump to the left - making it harder for the eye to scan and build a cognitive hierarcy.