Your comments

Maybe if it could only do this in strings or something.
Very much disagree with "no utility on pasting something on top of the same thing". I will often copy and paste an identifier on top of other copies of it just to make sure I haven't made a typo in my code. I very much expect it to do nothing if they match because that's exactly what I want.
I think making it customizable wouldn't hurt, but I quite like it and think it should remain on by default. It's actually quite elegant when you get used to the differentness of it.
The ability to automatically build/refresh ctags would also be wicked.
Great work adzenith! This should totally be incorporated into Sublime.
By "windows UI" do you mean the task bar button?
Is there a reason people don't think this is a good idea? I'd love to hear some comments. I personally think it would be so much more useful like this.
This only appears to switch tabs in the order they appear in the window, not based on the order they were last used, which is actually what I need--able to navigate back and forth through a file history like a web browser.
Ah I see. Also Cmd+Shift+Z wasn't in the menu so I didn't know it was there.