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I do like this one better but it's still just a big S on a more or less square background. :P

Can you imagine if every app icon was just a big letter on a square background? I still think a submarine made out of a lime would be awesome. ;)

Can't somebody come up with an icon that isn't a big "S" on a square background?
Hmm well I'm running OS X but still don't see it. :(
It's not working for me for some reason. Do I have to explicitly enable it somewhere?
Isn't it more or less automatic now? I don't remember it being a major pain to update in the past.
Indeed. I found that odd also. Set mine to 0 and bam, significant increase in performance. However I believe you may still be right about the distance: I find the bracket highlighter doesn't work in large functions. However there's actually probably a setting for that too, now that I think about it.
Yes the latest build has this built in. I still prefer adzenith's plugin though, because it allows you to highlight other occurrences of the word that has the caret in it, without having to select it first, and I find that very handy.
You have to fix this it's driving me nuts. I've disabled "tab_completion" and it's still not letting me type tabs and inserting all sorts of random gibberish when I hit tab, like it's trying to do a snippet in the middle of what I'm typing and it's just broken.
I agree it makes sense to modularize the app such that people can install/use only those components they need, instead of bogging the whole thing down into a monolithic behemoth. But, I think sublime needs a better built in package tool that will fetch lists of available plugin and install/remove them with a single click. Take a look at NuGet for VS to see a good example.