Better Syntax Highlighting

Rob Graham 9 years ago updated 8 years ago 6
I'd really like to see better syntax highlighting in the next version of Sublime Text 2. While we have highlighting, it's incredibly difficult to see where the relationships are. A single bracket for example { is already white. When highlighted it has a few white dots under it that are easily missed. Same goes for tags. Like Notepad ++ or Coda, PLEASE give us the options of changing colors and highlighting the whole tag/bracket. This is the biggest peeve I've ever had with your software and it's such a good program. This would complete me!!!!

Keep up the good work
This kind of stuff is configurable by modifying .tmLanguage files under the Packages directory.  In fact, one of the points of supporting textmate style language bundles is so that people can modify or even write new highlighters on their own.
See http://github.com/facelessuser/BracketHighlighter it improves the bracket highlighting considerably.
BracketHighlighter is slow and unrealiable. It can take on average a second or more for it to actually figure where to highlight the correct bracket and also won't work when distance between open and closing brackets are far apart.
AHA! Success! Why there was a setting in the plugin for delay is beyond me, but after setting it to 0, success!
Indeed. I found that odd also. Set mine to 0 and bam, significant increase in performance. However I believe you may still be right about the distance: I find the bracket highlighter doesn't work in large functions. However there's actually probably a setting for that too, now that I think about it.
I haven't tested it but yes, there is a list of settings:

"search_threshold"     : 2000,
"tag_search_threshold" : 2000,
"use_search_threshold"     : true,
"tag_use_search_threshold" : true,

I'm sure this has something to do with it.