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That's a great idea. Furthermore, the default location to store a .sublime-project file should be the root of the folder that was opened. I don't believe it is but I could be wrong on that.
This would definitely be nice, though I can live with how things are now so I wouldn't personally consider it a high priority.
I think people must be misunderstanding my suggestion. What I'm proposing is that as the mouse passes over the minimap area of the screen, the portion of the document shown in the map is directly related to the vertical position of the mouse between the top and bottom of the minimap. As you move the mouse towards the top, it gradually scrolls the map (not the document) to the top of the map, and vice versa.

The point being that what you see under the mouse is actually what you will go to when you click it. Currently it's anyone's guess where you will end up navigating to when you click the minimap in a large document, and the only way to see beyond the current view of the map is to actually scroll the entire document, which would not be necessary with my suggestion.

When the mouse moves off the minimap and you haven't clicked, it resets to its default position showing the current frame. If you have clicked, that will naturally be the new default view anyway, thanks to the mathematics of it. It makes perfect sense to me.

Correct. What exactly is it you mean by "highlight"?
I agree. I find myself constantly confusing it for the Mac OS terminal icon when in a hurry.
Another bonus is you could easily scan the entire minimap just by scrubbing over it with the mouse, instead of having to actually scroll through the whole thing.
You can highlight multiple different lines by holding down the super key (cmd/ctrl) and selecting.
Yeah it definitely feels backwards to get an empty file and to then have to save it to actually put it in the folder you told Sublime to create it in in the first place.
See it improves the bracket highlighting considerably.
I don't personally like the hierarchical tabs (as it would just mean more organizing, which is what I want to avoid--for that I can just use the project folder structure), but I do agree something needs to be done to make handling many open tabs better.

I suggested multiple rows of tabs (just so they all remain readable), but I'm open to other ideas as well. I don't personally like scrolling tabs, I like to be able to see all my open tabs at a glance and not have to scroll through them.