Scroll minimap on mouse-over

chaiguy 13 years ago updated by 11 years ago 5
Currently the minimap is static until you click on it, and the view jumps to the proportional location of the mouse. This is fine for smallish documents, but for very long docs (e.g. 2000 lines), clicking a visual representation in the minimap can end up scrolling somewhere totally else.

I suggest scrolling the minimap as the mouse moves over it such that where you click is where you will ultimately navigate to. Once you mouse off of it, it should go back to the current normal view.
Is there a reason people don't think this is a good idea? I'd love to hear some comments. I personally think it would be so much more useful like this.
I think this is a pretty good idea. It could get a little weird if you use multiple monitors as you may find yourself unintentionally mousing over the minimap often. Though, as you say, if the view resets upon mouse-out that would likely be a minor issue.

Adding an option to disable it completely would probably make everybody happy.

Another bonus is you could easily scan the entire minimap just by scrubbing over it with the mouse, instead of having to actually scroll through the whole thing.
I think people must be misunderstanding my suggestion. What I'm proposing is that as the mouse passes over the minimap area of the screen, the portion of the document shown in the map is directly related to the vertical position of the mouse between the top and bottom of the minimap. As you move the mouse towards the top, it gradually scrolls the map (not the document) to the top of the map, and vice versa.

The point being that what you see under the mouse is actually what you will go to when you click it. Currently it's anyone's guess where you will end up navigating to when you click the minimap in a large document, and the only way to see beyond the current view of the map is to actually scroll the entire document, which would not be necessary with my suggestion.

When the mouse moves off the minimap and you haven't clicked, it resets to its default position showing the current frame. If you have clicked, that will naturally be the new default view anyway, thanks to the mathematics of it. It makes perfect sense to me.

I agree that something needs to be done, but I'm not sure about mouse-over. I agree with Joel that the movement of even just the minimap as I pass through from one monitor to the other might be weird. What do you think of my comment on Francois' post about this same problem? Breaking the solution into two parts mouse-down and mouse up?