Creating a new file into a project

Smirnov Yuri 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3
It would be better if when you create a new file in some folder of a project, you first get asked for it's name. This way you instantly get proper syntax highlighting.
I think I would like this if we still retained the ability to create an unnamed file quickly with e.g. Ctrl-N -- mainly for when I want to take a quick note or paste some chunk of text in and do some one-off manipulations to it without ever saving.
Yes, Ctrl+N surely should behave as you described. What I am talking about is when you right-click some folder in the project and choose 'Add new file' option.
Yeah it definitely feels backwards to get an empty file and to then have to save it to actually put it in the folder you told Sublime to create it in in the first place.