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MacGDBp didn't work for me. It's really buggy. I use Netbeans for xdebug stuff, which has led me to use Netbeans more for development. Netbeans is a good IDE, it's just heavy. It has a lot of "nice" features, it just isn't as powerful of an editor as Sublime. So I use both. But I would use just Sublime if I had xdebug and git integration

I would love this as well. I don't want to have to do it through Dropbox though.
I found it irritating when TextMate did that. Sometimes there is a valid reason to move around, like changing something that isn't in the tab trigger. I like being able to resume. Perhaps the "scope" of the snippet should be highlighted and when you click outside it cancels... But if you move around inside I'd like to be able to resume.
I would like to see something similar to what FireFox does: Only size the tabs down so far, and then have them "fall off" with arrows showing up on either side. Then have a menu show up to view a list of all tabs on the bar.